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coastvl 03-01-04 20:22

Well heres mine. It' a Berlina wagon.I bought it in 1994 after my XC 351 was stolen. It was resprayed 3 years ago in the original Maranello Red. Motor is stock as 3litre with my own cold air setup. K&N filter and 2.5 inch exhaust. A 9 year old Alpine takes care of the sound and a Momo steering wheel takes care of the steering. Wheels are 16 x 7 Advanti rims. My family and I are out every weekend and can often be seen on the exchaser cruises and at the B.W.C.P occasionally.

Guest 04-01-04 19:20

sweet car dude, I want a wagon!

coastvl 04-01-04 19:27

I've always liked wagons since I was 13-14 years old . I saw a HZ wagon power past me on my way to school. It was the toughest car I'd ever seen! I've had this for 10 years in may this year ,and I don't think it'll be going anywhere soon.
I just need a turbo motor ,but my house comes first.

Boostedcal 26-12-07 12:02

lol, my cal would have been in my posession for 10 years soon but a whoooooooooooooooore in a camry decided to kill it the day before its 20th birthday....ahhhh coulda killed her...

just call me an ancient post whore

coastvl 26-12-07 14:47

ahh yes Daniel son but this was posted 4 (almost) years ago making it 14 1/2 years when I sold it. I still see it most days.

Boostedcal 26-12-07 19:55

sold it...the wagon...u still have it dude

Nice-One 26-12-07 19:58

No... Owns a VZ now

Gone new school

Wants you to buy him some frangipani stickers for it though :p

coastvl 26-12-07 21:33

LOL Tam you and your friggin frangipanis.
Yeah Daniel, sold it not that long ago. I have to drive to the goldy too much and the wags wasn't cheap to run. The VZ is nice but has no character. Meh! wadda you do eh?

coastvl 26-12-07 21:42

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Nice-One 26-12-07 21:51

Stop living in denial Glenn :p

Nice looking VZ though

Boostedcal 26-12-07 22:09

v u prob dont want them plates which will remain nameless then...i might ebay the fuckers

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