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VL.Calais 27-10-10 15:54

act parts
hey fellas

my vl got rear ended last week so that means that i now have 2 stuck on the parents lawn lol

so if anyone is looking for parts for the N/As i have to get rid of these quickly.

pm me or msg me on 0403227506 and come have a look at what i have got
prices are pretty neg. starting from $1 to $$$



3ltr VL 28-10-10 16:54

copied form a thread on the other forum i have
Front bar (any colour no cracks) prefer it in asteriod silver
VL LE Body kit, mainly just after front lip
boot carpet, in black preferably to cover spare wheel and opposite garnish (the little rectangular piece)
Also the side pieces, preferably in black
Carpeted door trims, kick panel and glove box in grey and high rise console
adj panhard

SpannaVL 29-10-10 12:26

u got calais parts?

VL.Calais 29-10-10 15:09

nah sorry no calais parts spanna.

3ltr vl feel free to come over this weekend and have a look. sorry i dont have the bumper its cracked

3ltr VL 30-10-10 17:32

righto mate, might be able to come over tommorow, pm me your address if you like?

vhell_sl 31-10-10 09:04

hey mate are either white? i need a new drivers side door.

ILK 31-10-10 18:22


Originally Posted by VL.Calais (Post 2620382)
nah sorry no calais parts spanna.

3ltr vl feel free to come over this weekend and have a look. sorry i dont have the bumper its cracked

How cracked is this bumper????
Is it the Front Centre Bar?
It's gotta be better than what I've got

ILK 06-11-10 09:40

Do you still have the cracked bumper??

VL.Calais 08-11-10 15:32

its worse than that lol

ILK 08-11-10 16:17

Thanks anyway.

ILK 27-11-10 19:37

Got a VN SS REAR BAR. Its that pinky maroon colour.
$50 Open to offers

---------- Post added 28-11-10 at 09:29 ----------

VL FUEL TANK $50 Needs new vac hoses, but is good other than that.
VL TOW GEAR $30 Tow Bar, Tow Ball etc. Not Genuine... Some Rust needs TLC.

VL.Calais 29-11-10 07:44

yeah both white vls if you need a door vhell sl just pm me and check it out.

ILK 29-11-10 22:16

Need A VACUuM BALL thingy under the Righthand Headlight

Also Looking at buying some front centre bars....
I know a few of you guys are looking for them...
PM me if your interested, looking at about 40 + postage
May be cheaper if I can get a few people interested

RB Onevia 30-11-10 07:39

i may be interested but i need the sides aswell and the reo. then itll need to be painted :(

ILK 30-11-10 17:36

I will be painting mine in the 88' asteroid silver.
Backyard styles
Postage will be $24. But it stays at about that price for any additional bars.
4BARS=$24 postage approx.
I will be buying 1 anyway over the next couple of days, so if anyone is interested drop us a PM ASAP.


ILK 02-12-10 06:06

Still need a vacuum ball that sits under the right headlight.......
pretty sure up to VS had them......

88wagon 02-12-10 20:13

i got the vaccuum ball on the calais im wrecking pm me for my phone number come and grab it..
cheers chris

ILK 12-12-10 09:00

Ended up finding a vacuum ball in storage...

I received my TYC front bar, and am very impressed.
As not too many of yous were interested in a group buy. I just grabbed the one. I am able to still get TYC front centres brand new for about $65 delivered
If anybody is interested drop us a PM and I will forward you the details...
Remember you can combine postage for more bars.

ILK 21-01-11 15:55

I need a couple of GEARBOX X MEMBER BOLTS
If no one wants to part with them I can arrange to meet at SPECIALTY FASTENERS where they can match the thread/size????
Holding the Tail Shaft up with an old mop handle........

Duke57TT 21-01-11 16:19

Do any of you lot have a complete interior.. Berlina spec would be good, don't care what colour? I mean everything down to the dash etc I would like it to be in good nick as well. Like no ciggie burns etc Would prefer it to be clean.. I CBF getting it cleaned..

VL.Calais 22-01-11 21:47

Duke I got one all trays missing is the head lining you free this weekend?

Duke57TT 22-01-11 21:49

Not so much.. I'll try and sort something out.

VL.Calais 23-01-11 19:10

Thats cool maybe next weekend bro

Duke57TT 23-01-11 19:16

What colour was it?

ILK 29-01-11 10:50

G'day pulled a fuel tank out for someone a while back..
Still got it.....
Straps and all, just need new vapour hoses.
$50 ono
Want it gone!!

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