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rb3torana 10-11-13 22:06

UC torana turbo 202....going rb30
Well I thought Id start a thread on my torana. It has had a 202 and 186 turbo in it for about the last 2 years. Which ran a best of 12.3@133mph on 33psi. The car runs a trimatic that I built with extra clutches, full manual valve body etc. 9 inch diff I cut down.

Anyways I making a change to an RB30 :). Ive half made the sump for it so far, still have to weld a baffle in it and mod the pick-up. Ill let the pics do the talking;). Cheers


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Heres some videos of the 186 at its final stages.

Heres a link to a build thread with more pics.

Will update with more progress on the rb30 conversion. Cheers

rb3torana 01-12-13 19:55

Bit of an update, started making an adaptor plate for the 6cyl trimatic to rb30. I'll have to use the holden 6 flexplate ( with the rb30 retainer plate welded to the rear of it to space it correctly ) and starter motor. Have to modify the bellhousing a little to clear the starter motor also. Also the converter will need some 16.6mm extension welded to it to take up the clearance. Other than all that it should work hopefully:). Cheers

rb3torana 11-12-13 21:16

Well Ive just about finished the adaption. rockpic Feels like it has taken forever but it should work. I cut and rewelded the starter location on the spacer plate between the adaptor and block. Machined the 202 flywheel to suit the rb30 crank. Welded the RB30 retainer plate to the holden 6 flexplate. Welded the lugs I machined up to the converter and also machined the converter locator.Tested the starter and it spun the motor over good :D . I stuffed up a little because the starter is abit close to the block and had to mod the starter and grind a lug on the block to clear it.

Also put a dial gauge on the back of the crank to check for bellhousing centricity. It was out by 0.015" so I had to pull the bellhousing off the gearbox in the car and redrill completely new bellhousing dowel points. This got it down to 0.004" which I hope is close enough. Going by most manual stuff I have found they say up to 0.005" is ok so well see.

Its been alot of stuffing around and I hope its worth it lol. The only other option was a torque power or dominator bellhousing which required a custom converter and v8 input shaft. The other option was a CRS adaptor which required a v8 converter and input shaft. Both of these options are over a grand, so I hope my setup works lol. Cheers

rb3torana 15-12-13 21:17

Not much but progress is progress lol. Engine is sitting in with modified VL engine mount brackets and torana mounts. Sump clears good and also I didnt have to shift the gearbox back or foward even with the 16mm adaptor plate. Ebay manifold fits, had to cut the wastegate flange off and weld it in a different position. And yes I know it will probably crack in half but I couldn't be stuffed building one at the moment lol. Hope the turbo clears the bonnet, it should by the looks of things. Cheers

rb3torana 06-01-14 21:21

Well time for an update, got it running :) . Cam is run in, fairly sedate actually for a 238@50 cam. Anyways I'll let the video do the talking. Cheers


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[QUOTE=rb3torana;3038679]Well time for an update, got it running :) . Cam is run in, fairly sedate actually for a 238@50 cam. Anyways I'll let the video do the talking. Cheers

rb3torana 26-01-14 17:57

Well what an interesting 2 weeks. Week one, a little bit of oil was in the chambers so I thought a re-ring was in order. So out came the motor, new moly rings / head gasket etc. Started it up, re-tension the head the next morning, on the way to work it saw 16psi once and blew the head gasket :? . I hadn't checked the timing since being put back together so Im assuming its between too much timing ( even though I didnt here it rattle ) and the water/meth bottle went down quiet fast :? . So off with the head for the second time in one week, got it machined and went again with another graphite gasket. This time it was all good but still could not stop it pinging even with plenty of water/meth.

Week 2 started with the motor out again but this time it got some low comp hypatec pistons and a 3mm cometic gasket dropping the comp to 6.5:1 :D . While it mas apart I noticed the recently new moly top rings were soft so I re-used the original nissan ones lol. Anyways it now has 33psi - 15 degrees going up to 18 degrees timing by 6500rpm on straight 95 with no water/meth. All I can say is theres plenty of pedaling and steering at any speed now. So with some 98 and a few more degrees it should be ready for the track :) . Cheers

grunter01 26-01-14 18:42

What computer you running?

rb3torana 26-01-14 19:05

Its got an lt8 microtech with a modified ford hall effect dizzy I machined up. I had it on the 186 so it was just easier than getting the ecu changed for the vl dizzy. Cheers

grunter01 26-01-14 21:11

What did you do with the old setup?

rb3torana 26-01-14 21:15

I've pretty much sold everything off.

rb3torana 31-01-14 15:43

Tidied up the engine bay today.

rb3torana 13-05-14 21:09

Well I thought I'd build another plenum. Real short runners to help the top end. Hopefully still have enough torque to get up on the converter :? . Made some velocity stacks out of exhaust pipe, a trusty machined holden 6 balancer and a press. Got the flare out to a flat bellmouth with the balancer then pressed it straight on a peice of flat plate to give it the curl. Not the prettiest but should work.

It ran a best of 10.55 and best mph of 136mph so well see how the plenum performs. If anyone missed the thread in the drag racing section heres the video. Cheers

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