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kscpauly 13-07-09 19:50

post pics of ba/bf xr6 turbo
hi guys just thought id start off a thread with pics of xr6 turbos. i know its a holden site but lets see them

G 13-07-09 20:03

only pic of mine atm, I'll take more one day..

kscpauly 20-07-09 17:49

i love the orange ones they look hot as ***

souljah21 23-07-09 12:52

dont knoe who owns this but looks nice

freEze_dK 23-07-09 13:17

vr_stato 23-07-09 13:20

that red 1 looks ****in mint

kscpauly 23-07-09 14:26


Woggster 23-07-09 16:03

Fark i love XR6Ts and Typhoons :D

FAQFPV 23-07-09 16:49

kscpauly 23-07-09 16:56




freEze_dK 23-07-09 16:59

he really needs bf lights

kscpauly 23-07-09 17:28

whats the difference?

freEze_dK 23-07-09 17:34

BA tail lights are frosted,, BF have the LED look to them



VL-EXEC 23-07-09 17:41

i hate how people put the fairlane ghia boot trim, looks ***in gay as

IRAVE 26-07-09 18:16


Originally Posted by ONA747

:D talk about SLAMMED

GLD-086 27-07-09 17:11

The BA/BF shape looks absolutely killer without a spoiler.

mrsn8r 27-07-09 17:13


Originally Posted by ONA747

thats is ****in mint

Woggster 27-07-09 17:22

lol omg how ****in low is that thing :D

sampo 27-07-09 17:28


Originally Posted by ONA747

Anyone know if this was defected 2 weeks back?
Tuff car

Woggster 27-07-09 17:32

Bigkeels 27-07-09 17:44

what sort of power are the red and the green ones putting out? are they real phoons? whats the spoiler they have?

freEze_dK 27-07-09 17:49

red 1 was supposedly making 400atw has a new turbo now and the red 1 was making 375atw,, but its getting something special soo should see hopefully mid 400's.. There the Force 6/8 spoilers

Bigkeels 27-07-09 19:08

is the greenish one the one with the 3 speed, remember seeing a video of it shreading tyres in thomo, external gate n what not, cant find the link

freEze_dK 27-07-09 19:13

yea thats the 1.. no external gate just a screamer pipe,, he took the vid down

MUS 11-08-09 15:20

Very sexy cars indeed..

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