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RED1M8 11-04-15 06:10


Originally Posted by VLWAGONIT (Post 3061467)
Yeah thats what I was thinking of using. Haven't been able to find one anywhere though.

what is the difference between the cruise/non cruise control ones?


Extra cable for the cruise control, kind of two cables into one.

VLWAGONIT 11-04-15 14:59

Found one on ebay for $85ish. will give it a shot

EVL 14-05-15 16:53

Just got hold of the speedo cable driver so i can keep factory VL dash with a t56. Anyone else running one of these?

VLWAGONIT 14-05-15 19:23

where did you get it from? Im still looking for a solution to this for mine

---------- Post added 14-05-15 at 21:08 ----------

soooooo..... who knows a reasonably priced place to get a T56 rebuilt?

Mine wouldn't shift out of 4th today on the way home and then would only shift between 4th and neutral. Going to have another go at it tomorrow but its not looking good :/

caibs 20-05-15 23:07

Jack I was chatting to a dude who was asking 600 for one. I don't know him personally but can pass on his number if you want. He was also asking 2500 for a ls2. Relatively cheap I suppose.

VLWAGONIT 21-05-15 11:18

Yeah send me his number. pretty sure somthing has just come loose in the box and thats why it wont shift. been quoted $360 to fix it provided nothing is ****ed

SketchVL 20-09-15 10:23

VLWAGONIT 20-09-15 11:13

Thats porn!!

TheChad 21-09-15 12:22

This site needs a like button.

that's sexy

Psychotik 21-09-15 12:42

****, that is sexy as man..

EVL 22-09-15 22:19

nice one!

EVL 16-12-15 22:02

Where are you all up to? I'm sick of fb perth VL i miss this place

Steve 17-12-15 22:34

Well man, I'm just taking my time :)

EVL 17-12-15 22:38

haha where is your build thread steven, lead by example and fill us in on your progress

Steve 17-12-15 22:43

Well Christopher, when something happens, I'll fill you in.

But after 6135 days of my VL doing nothing, it left my house to go to the workshop to proceed with fitment of LS motor.
So far, whilst at workshop, it has gained a layer of dust so heavy, it has caused the 2 front tyres to go dead flat.

<------- The last time I drove it, was so the girl in my Avatar could wash it

EVL 17-12-15 22:44

haha any pics of headers or anything you'd like to share with the large audience here?

VLWAGONIT 17-12-15 22:57

Mine is parked up again with charging issues and no time to fix it so probably going to be a while till it gets looked at :(

Steve 17-12-15 22:57

Wish I had a pic of my PINK TRANNY to post
but I forgot to take one.

Heres some ceramic Pacemaker LS header porn for you

---------- Post added 17-12-15 at 21:03 ----------

"lee bang ho, life was never good to me"

EVL 17-12-15 23:04


VLWAGONIT 04-01-16 21:59

does anyone know what is involved on making cruise control work on an ls? is it a matter of just plugging it into the body loom and hooking up the vacuum lines?

Oliver 04-01-16 23:36

What's that red VL in the background Steve?

Steve 05-01-16 22:57


Originally Posted by oliver (Post 3067580)
what's that red vl in the background steve?


Oliver 06-01-16 01:01


Originally Posted by Steve (Post 3067593)

I thought so :)

VLWAGONIT 18-01-16 22:22

So I finally have a brand new Bosch alternator on its way for my wagon so it will be back on the road again soon!! surely its time for a cruise again soon?

Psychotik 19-01-16 18:42

Yes! We need to organise a cruise soon!

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