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torana565 20-10-15 18:35

Cruise / track day etc ???
Hey People, who is interested in doing a cruise in queensland or a day at Willowbank Raceway / Track day or somthing ? Work out a meeting for some vl turbos to have fun, any ideas or input. Would be sweet

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If we have enough interest we could hire a day at Warwick Dragway 8th mile track, Grudge Racing and have a bracket style race. Whats every ones thoughts.

Antho 22-10-15 18:12

I'd be keen, that said though good luck as nobody ever posts in this section anymore

There are VL's that get out and about I just don't know where or how to contact them

Don't let that turn you off the idea though just don't count on big numbers turning up

choco 26-10-15 21:34

Sounds interesting, hope it kicks off a track day would be fun.

torana565 27-10-15 15:37

Who is interested ??? Can any one help get it out there ?

dlp81 28-10-15 19:41

I'd be interested in a cruise, depends when though

TUF:03T 09-11-15 20:52

I would be keen, let us know even if a few are keen, I'll be looking to do some racing soon!

torana565 16-12-15 18:01

Hey Guys & Girls, who is interested in Racing @ Warwick Dragway 1/8th mile track. If we can get enough numbers 8 - 10 vls we can have our own class. If your interested. Reply with your Vehicle Details. Engine, Turbo, Transmission and Tyre.
Thanks Matt

choco 18-12-15 15:32

Have you got a date in mind?

torana565 21-12-15 17:19

There is a Bracket meeting in March. If we can get 8 or more vls we can have our own class and race each other all day.

Antho 23-12-15 15:19

I was keen but now have no VL on the road :(

If I have one done by then I will go

torana565 24-12-15 05:49


Originally Posted by Antho (Post 3067434)
I was keen but now have no VL on the road :(

If I have one done by then I will go

Where are your build threads mate.

Antho 24-12-15 16:14

I don't have any only thread I have is the first VLCT I bought have been through a few VLs since then

torana565 27-12-15 12:59

Okay guys, who is in or interested so i can push to make it happen?

choco 28-12-15 11:07

Is this at Warwick?

torana565 28-12-15 21:21

Yes mate.

torana565 05-01-16 11:47

Who is interested? What sort of racing would yous be into? Qualifing and 3 round bracket racing or qualifing and heads up?

choco 05-01-16 16:42

I'm keen on getting out for something but i can't commit to anything yet because my cars out of action.

torana565 09-01-16 11:37

Okay guys, got a few keen. Need atleast 8 cars. Should be a cool deal. VLs head 2 head in our own bracket.

TUF:03T 21-02-16 19:45

What date, I would be keen

torana565 24-02-16 10:48

Hey mate, we have a learn to drag race day on the 12th of march, $60 starts in the morining than we have our normal bracket meeting (competition) that day. Will be a good full days racing. Run out of time to run a vl class but your rig will fit in Super Street class.

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Will get heaps of passes in mate, good bang for your buck, than after qualifing have 3 round chicago shootout.
Could get any where up to 10 + runs if you wanted to.

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