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Rb25vldet 31-07-14 18:52

Hsv sv3800 value?
I have acquired a hsv sv3800 vn commodore around 220xxx and am not sure what the value would be with 12 months rego and a recent respray new tyres and immaculate interior? I have seen them for sale from 1000 to 6000 but how much do people pay just because something is advertised for $6000 doesn't mean it will sell for that if u know wat I mean.

SIroller 31-07-14 19:26

probably collate a selection of km condition and prices and try to see where yours fits in.

a fair number of these have been parted out for the wheels / interior etc.

in poor nick (and most are because the metallic paint like the vl is notouriously bad and lets be honest, its a 3.8l buick...) they seem to sell below 1500. most i've seen are ex-p-plater cars with playboy seat covers fag burns and all of the disrespect and wear youd expect to see on a vn 6cyl thats been used as a daily since new.

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i havent honestly seen a nice one and wouldn't know where to price it but maybe 4-5g registered as a nice hsv plated p-plater friendly car.

if it has **** wheels / steering wheel / tape deck i'd be sourcing everything you can to get it near to stock.

Rb25vldet 31-07-14 19:43

Well it's in really good nick for a vn and power windows work and has remote central locking but it has vy ss 18s and some **** steering wheel apart from that its stock except exhaust system would it in your opinion be worth returning to completely stock and keeping for 10 years or will it not really gain that much in price cos like u said its just a 3.8 haha

SIroller 01-08-14 15:24

it probably wont go up much. eg theres hdt v6 aeros out there which is actually a cool car not just an in between body kit and alloys to sell cars until the 5.0 arrives.

but theyre not worth a tonne because the go doesn't match the show.

better to ell it for 3-4g and buy a clapped vn clubsport first of the clubbies or a vp ss or something.

Boyracer 05-08-14 20:20

Still an old HSV, any pics?

ss nut 06-08-14 17:03

Rare and collectable(as an interest)Good everyday sort of classic.

Cheers Marty

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