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Sin 31-12-03 16:01

This is George's VL turbo which started off just as a normal stock 6 in maroon. George then stripped everything out of the car, including the motor, gearbox, brakes, and basically everything else that needed to come out. Quite a job as you could imagine! George then found a smashed VL turbo wagon for sale for $3000 which only had minor front end damage, and a smashed radiator. This didn't matter though, as he already had a spare one.

Not wanting to have his motor run into troubles after the effort of installing it into the car, George send the motor off to be reconditioned. The block was bored 40 thou' oversize, ceramic coated pistons were installed, the block was o-ringed and the head was ported and polished. The motor was returned to George like new.

While everything was out of the engine, it was resprayed first in wild violet purple. Some small changes were then made after, and the final colour is the violet purple base with lilac pearl and black mixed in to create something unique, and it looks very classy indeed.

The car was then taken home after the engine bay had been sprayed, and the new motor was installed with the turbo, turbo auto gearbox, LSD and brakes, all from the Berlina wagon.

Unfortunately, although the motor was new, the turbo wasn't, and this only lasted 2 days before it died. This was then sent off to Dynamic Turbo be hi flowed and was returned not long after.

Once it was reinstalled, and the car was running again, the car was sent back to the smash repair place again and it was stripped down to bare metal to be ready for spraying.

Once it was sprayed in the same colour and tints as the engine bay, the car was taken home. The bumpers were sprayed in light silver in 2 tone, similar to a calais colour scheme. All of the lights and other bits and pieces were put back on the car, and the roof lining was removed which has made way for new suede roof which is a dark tan leather colour. This matched the leather door trims and seats which are to be installed just before Summernats 04.

Since then, an intercooler was bought and installed by George's mate Tuffy. The rocker cover has been resprayed in the same colour as the exterior of the car. A Turbosmart boost controller was added to the car and the boost set to 15psi.

The LTSJET plates were then put onto the car, and it was driven around on some chaser rims in this form for a while, as seen in the pics. However the chasers have been discarded now, and the latest VY GTS 19" rims in black chrome have been fitted, and the car lowered 4 inches.

At the moment the car has been pulled off the road while it is prepared for Summernats 2004. The development list for the Nats includes;

* Mini spool diff with 3.9s to replace the LSD
* Custom Plenum Chamber
* JPC Cam
* 3" Hi flow exhaust
* Modified Jatco 4spd box fitted with 3500rpm stally
* EMS computer
* Bigger Bosch fuel pump
* Larger injectors
* 4 gauges - water temp, fuel and oil and monster tacho
* Leather interior will all be installed
* Custom Alloy Radiator

You can contact George on the message board with the username LTS-JET.

(c) 2003 Edited by sin. Written by George and sin. Pics by George.

1SXCVL 18-09-04 15:55

hey nice car do you have any updated picts

SRBT1 14-10-04 00:08

uff tuff lookin vlt u got there
like the rims i wana buy a pair
any updates ?
love to see more

andy_vlct 17-10-04 20:31

yea id love 2 see some updates too, great lookin vlt

LTSJET 24-10-04 06:10

couple new pics up now...

vlt-dreamer 22-11-04 21:38

are they sv89 or recaro seats?


wheeler 07-08-05 12:52

Hey man nice car. Don't know if ya still got it, but do you have any newer pics than the 2004 ones?

VL-RACER 07-08-05 17:56

hes car was stolen

JET_LAG 07-08-05 17:58

Its been stolen as far as I know, shame really :(

HSVQUE 07-08-05 19:59


Originally Posted by JET_LAG
Its been stolen as far as I know, shame really :(

Differnt car bud.. the VIC Rego'd LTSJET was Stolen.


david85dc 08-08-05 16:07

love the burnout pic with everyone standing leaning on the car hahaha nice one mate!!!! :)

LTSJET 08-09-05 06:42


Originally Posted by david85dc
love the burnout pic with everyone standing leaning on the car hahaha nice one mate!!!! :)

i still have the car. its just been off the road for a very long time. i havnt had time to repair the damaged bonnet or anything... been to busy and some **** happened that stopped me doin sum things... its gonna be coming back real soon i wanna get iit finished and then i might be selling it after a few months

MAD_HUH 09-09-05 20:34


Originally Posted by vlt-dreamer
are they sv89 or recaro seats?


what he said

MRHELE 12-09-05 10:44


Peter_K 02-02-06 00:45

any news on the car? curious to know if you jump started the project again..

BT 02-02-06 01:44

looks awesome

LTSJET 02-02-06 11:34


Originally Posted by BT
looks awesome

the cars been sitting in my garage!!!
gonna strip it soon and build my calais
too many things have gone wrong with this one!!

david85dc 02-02-06 12:02

was it hard to do this shot man. ur chick must not of liked the tyres screetching like crazy lol

HYBRID VL 03-02-06 13:25

i think i seen your car over kograh way not long ago likme maybe couple of months im sure it was that number plate could be wrong though.

LTSJET 03-02-06 15:22



Originally Posted by HYBRID VL
i think i seen your car over kograh way not long ago likme maybe couple of months im sure it was that number plate could be wrong though.

G 02-04-06 14:10


Epitaph 29-08-06 16:00

bump? updates?

MRHELE 12-10-06 12:49

i think its in his garge rusting

INFLYT 22-10-06 01:13

I haven't seen this unit in year's, and I live just around the corner from him!

DA HOON 28-04-07 01:11

any word on this bucket? still sitting there? :(


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