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WeLLsY 23-03-04 10:51

Big Cruise this Friday night...
As above we are all meeting at a specific location on friday evening.
Leaving from South Eastern Suburbs heading towards city...

This cruise is already pretty big, bout 30 odd cars and I havent even put it on here yet.
All cars welcome, and there are some BIG name cars who are coming...

PM me for the details as for obvious reasons I wont disclose the information on here...
And if I dont know who you are and havent seen your name pop up on here before Im afraid I wont be able to let you know once again for obvious reasons...

Cheers WeLLsY

stoney 23-03-04 11:33

why didnt you put this in the cruise section to start with... MOVED

WeLLsY 23-03-04 11:53

because no one ever looks in here.....
And because the Easternats cruise thing is in that section and hasnt been moved...

CHAYSR 23-03-04 12:48

Yes it has............

CHAYSR 23-03-04 12:49

And moved back again......... WTF????????

You're right Wellsy!!!!!

WeLLsY 23-03-04 14:00

So whats the difference between that cruise and this one???

SirGeo 23-03-04 14:33

That is a big event that is invite only.

This is just an everyday cruise.

stop whining!


WeLLsY 23-03-04 14:52

Blah well this one is invite too... And you are definitely NOT invited...

X-RB3-747 23-03-04 15:02

Is this a pushbike cruise?

SirGeo 23-03-04 15:08

who said i wanted to come? Don't think you could afford to get me to come anyway...

WeLLsY 23-03-04 15:14

My mates selling a nizpro cooler with piping by the way... He'll be on the cruise
he's selling it cheap cos he needs cash...
And no its not a pushbike cruise. But that was a great joke

SirGeo 23-03-04 15:16

PM me the details and a phone number if he's serious.

X-RB3-747 23-03-04 15:20


Originally Posted by WeLLsY
And no its not a pushbike cruise. But that was a great joke

Yeh? I thought it was a pretty shi te joke myself

WeLLsY 23-03-04 16:06

You coming or what?

lil_groover 23-03-04 21:10

Wellsy, howcome I don't know about this cruise already? PM me mate and tell me all about it. Is it a VL cruise? Because the next VL cruise is Sunday.

VLRB20DET 23-03-04 21:14

Never know mine could be goin by friday, but i guess my car wouldnt be good enough for your cruize wellsy?

X-RB3-747 23-03-04 22:03


Originally Posted by WeLLsY
You coming or what?

U talking to me? If so can't make it as my car is at Bresciani getting that big turbo put on that you were supposed to buy.

Zokiii 24-03-04 12:49

Hey bro can ya PM me all the details where the cruise is comming down with a 10sec vl :)

WeLLsY 24-03-04 13:27

VLRB20DET - Why wouldnt your car be good enough? Pm me if you want the details I'd like you to come...

RB3-747 - I dont have to buy anything If i dont want to...

X-RB3-747 24-03-04 16:14


Originally Posted by WeLLsY
VLRB20DET - Why wouldnt your car be good enough? Pm me if you want the details I'd like you to come...

RB3-747 - I dont have to buy anything If i dont want to...

Next time don't write **** like SOLD SOLD SOLD IT'S MINE, and then PM saying that you definately want the turbo, I hate dreamers and people that stuff me around

X-RB3-747 24-03-04 16:20

17-03-04, 22:56 #12
( Moderator )
: Hey Wellsy I have a Turbonetics T60-1/T04E for sale, hasn't been on car since being rebuilt and still has 18 months warranty. Will take what I paid for it $1250 and no less. If you barter I will just keep it.


18-03-04, 07:55 #13
fark thats pretty cheap.

18-03-04, 08:33 #14
( Player )

Tell me about it... SOLD """


Private Message: TURBO
18-03-04, 08:32
( Player )

Join Date: 25-10-03
Location: Melbourne, Wherethe***arewe
Car: Ford Laser with Monster tacho, carbon fibre wing, and 5inch exhaust TURBO



What are the specs and when can i pick it up?
Like what are the complete specs...
WTB - Alpine audio gear



WeLLsY 24-03-04 17:52

Thanks for that... I knew what I wrote and as i told you I wasnt buying it a mate was. So you can shove the turbo up your ass for all i care...

X-RB3-747 24-03-04 20:48


Originally Posted by WeLLsY
RB3-747 - I dont have to buy anything If i dont want to...

You can't truly be that dumb can you, first you say you don't have to buy it. then you say it was for a mate.
Get your hand off it

`Bolt~On` 24-03-04 20:54

can wellsy have his TOTY tag back now?

WeLLsY 25-03-04 06:32

You already new it wasnt for me....
How do you expect to sell anything if your too scared to give out your mobile number?
I say to you yeah I'll tell my mate and he'll give you a call. And you didnt want to give me your mobile number maybe if you had of he would of bought it... But anyways who cares...

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