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dr00 14-01-05 11:42

since there isnt a spotted thread in here i thought i would start one...

spotted wilko i assume from here in the carousel carpark last night. heard a distinctive vlt whistle and only caught your plates as you left...

Wilko 14-01-05 11:44

dam, u caught me lol. ;)

Wilko 14-01-05 12:00

Since we're spotting lol
After Droo caught me in Caro I was cruising home and seen two black VL's sittin at the car park of that Automotive shop across from Maccas maddington. Whipped a U-turn and spoke to the fellaz. Two nice VL's there- one was supercharged the other a Tubo CT. T04Z he said? Turbo Sat nice and high.
Plates on the supercharged one was "YEA UNO" or something like that lol.... nice.

DISTURBED 14-01-05 12:17

yeah that blk ova silver has sum dollarz unda tha hood.
High mount, forgies ect...

wagonshaw 14-01-05 13:19

arnt we cool enough for heem to cruise wit us omies ey esse

Steve 14-01-05 14:11

spotted.. Arie's vlct on the way home from work most arvo's
also trav's old vlt in the next street from me

72 of 150 14-01-05 14:42

I seen that Black 'yeah uno' Calais before. Sounded quite tough.
He and his mates probably dont come cruising with you Dan cause they aren't computer nerds like the rest of us??

wagonshaw 14-01-05 15:19

hahahahaha true but im no computer nerd i just have nothing better to do at work :D

DISTURBED 14-01-05 15:25

back 2 work u bum! :D

Wilko 14-01-05 16:32

Nah they seem like good guys, the one with the Turbo says he comes on here occasionally, Greg something I think... I dunno.
Yea Spotted. Aries VL everyday he works haha.

pistolero 14-01-05 16:33

spotted Wagonshaw: corner Shepparton Rd and Teddington St (outside skippers) few weeks back- I was walking to the cricket

wagonshaw 14-01-05 17:43

yeah i go past skippers a bit

pistolero 14-01-05 18:08

I live round the corner

wagonshaw 14-01-05 18:32

just near me

pistolero 14-01-05 18:36

I get the impression quite a few of us live round vic park area

would I be right?

OldGold 14-01-05 19:28

spotted a white over silver VLCT with a big FMIC and stockies... and a yellow sticker. On wanneroo road, looked mint, anyone know him?

PROJKTL 14-01-05 21:21

spotted aries at the shop :p and spotted another vlc(changed to turbo) gold over silver with 17s. they came and had a talk, and said hes looking at buying the gearbox from that black vl, you guys are talking bout. says it has 400rwhp or something... soon to running 28psi or something like that he said?, but they said they might come say hi tomorrow...

Steve 15-01-05 02:07

yeah bentley/vic park area i'd say

bielecki 15-01-05 14:38

i spot wilko every so often, i think he lives like a 3 min jog from me

DISTURBED 15-01-05 20:09

spotted wilko yesta day at bp servo in kelmscot and he spottd me too!:D

Steve 15-01-05 23:54

wow i spotted a lot of CT cars today at motorvation hehehe :D

Some Bored Dude 16-01-05 18:55


Originally Posted by DasBlitz
wow i spotted a lot of CT cars today at motorvation hehehe :D

same, a green one, a red one, a black one, another green one, oh the colours go on. :D

Wilko 17-01-05 12:56


Originally Posted by bielecki
i spot wilko every so often, i think he lives like a 3 min jog from me

:confused: where u live?

dceptv 17-01-05 13:14

i think hes a stalker jefrey!

I spotted wilkos car at work when i drove past today

dr00, i got that reciept to get the machining done to the plenum!!! Wanna get onto JD?

Wilko 17-01-05 13:42

fark everyones spotting me haha I gotta get another bunky quik.

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