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kane50l 28-08-07 23:25

Show me your pics of hot VK's!!!!!!!!!!
:) Just thought we could start a thread on the good old VK's. Get some picture's up of some tough looking ones that you guys have found and seen over the years...... :D

[XXXR8D] 28-08-07 23:45

Heres My fav VK thing Sounds like a Animal

kane50l 29-08-07 00:02

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :D

Originally Posted by [SRBTOY]
Heres My fav VK thing Sounds like a Animal

DVS VL280 29-08-07 00:13

thats mint sits nice on the sigs

NZ EVLHSV 29-08-07 06:41

A mates old VK

MadVK308 29-08-07 11:57

Looks nice

Simo86 29-08-07 12:20

ill get mine up there tonight!! im at work!

PSI-EFI 29-08-07 12:33

heres one i took of BOSSVK at autosalon last yr..this is definetly one of the toughest and nicest:)

blake939 29-08-07 12:35

nsw mrhdt, no comparison, no doubt about it, the toughest vk ever built. i would say toughest commodore period

PSI-EFI 29-08-07 12:37

ny 1 got pics of, i think its MENTAL, a black vk that runs like 9's at calder, seen it and wanna know more

FAQFPV 29-08-07 12:39

anyone got a pic of a white vk calais slammed on silver cepters

rio 29-08-07 12:54

Mr HDT!!!

PSI-EFI 29-08-07 12:59

toughest white 1 i got, lol, and i doubt interceptors will fit on this one,;)

DVS VL280 29-08-07 13:01

there was a mad yollowie/orange vk in street machine about 2 yrs ago was mad will try find some pics.. yeah nsw MRHDT by far the best vk ever

NZ EVLHSV 29-08-07 13:02

Is MR HDT a genuine Brock?

DVS VL280 29-08-07 13:13


runs flat 10 :)


Originally Posted by NZ EVLHSV

yeah im pretty sure it is a genuine brock remmeber reading it in sc magazine not long ago

Calais355 29-08-07 13:36

Yeah, genuine brock. Not sure of the model, I've got the SC mag he was in, I'll take a look when I get home..

kane50l 29-08-07 13:37

OMG now we are talking those things are mean, and yes mr hdt is one of the best. Keep em coming.....

PSI-EFI 29-08-07 13:42


Originally Posted by DVS VL280

i love this thing, i think it has the RB26/30 setup

Simo86 29-08-07 13:59

my old tank!
would you belive its the same car??? this is what i built myself over 7 months!!

ANK 29-08-07 13:59

no its a straight rb26 with single turbo set up and ice ignition

PSI-EFI 29-08-07 14:35


Originally Posted by ANK
no its a straight rb26 with single turbo set up and ice ignition

thnx ank:)

kane50l 29-08-07 14:39

nice one simo86 looks good. much dont to motor?????

Simo86 29-08-07 14:49

only thing standard is crank and vn rods! acl race pistons bearings gaskets big cam roller rockers. the usual thing trying to sell the manifold though car made 196rwkw with standard carby!!

kane50l 29-08-07 16:44

not bad simo86. what size is the cam if you don't mind me asking???? and what sort of manifold???

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