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RB30X 04-06-05 23:43

Townsville Talent
I just wanted to start a thread where all the north Queenlanders could describe their cars and write down what sort of mods they have done.
This can help put a car to a name so we can disregard posts from people who drive around in their mates mum's mazda 121.

I drive a white over silver berlina with a calias front, 5 spoke mags and sticker. Only had this car for a few months so mods are limited to KEAS stage 3 shift kit and oil cooler, 3" exhuast dump to tip, K&N pod and boosted to 10 psi. I will soon be installing an intercooler and boosting till auto dies or detonation which ever comes first. The auto will then be receiving some of KEAS finest internals. Perhaps some smaller diff gears like 3.7's as the 3.89s in my last VL were a bit too short.

86psi 04-06-05 23:56

tim i have a set of 3.7.1 ratio gears and lsd sitting here doing nothing if your interested

RB30X 05-06-05 00:01

My last car was a project of mine to see what sort of times I could get out of a VL turbo on a budget, doing all the work myself.
The $2000 beast was a na conversion with 9:1 compression. The exhaust was sold to a dude from here. Shift kit and oil cooler were installed. 3.89 diff gears were put in and the spider gears were welded up (i am dodgey). The turbo compressor cover received some porting and polishing. The wastegate hole was opened up on the otherwise standard T3. I modified the standard dump with a screamer pipe which finished at the 3 bolt flange. This was the extent of my exhaust as it was a strip only car. Boost cranked to a 8 psi. Interior was decked out with gauges and a pro ratchet shifter. This ran a 13.8 @ 108 mph fish tailing for the first 60ft and chirping 3rd.
I then installed a fully tricked up auto and 3500 stally but sold the car before I raced it. Test drives were tyre fryers.

cal-a-kid 05-06-05 02:23

Ford Blueprint, unflared LX Torana Hatch. Recognised by Drop tank, Hotwires, and a big ***** off front mount. Its parked up at the moment but will hit the streets soon.

For more info and pics go here:

Still disregard any posts by me :-)


Pastical 05-06-05 02:39

VK rb30e. Port and polished head, XF tb, chip, cam, extractors, 2.5" zorst, cai, and a roooted gearbox.

I need higher diff gears. got 3.45 at the moment, and my gears just last way to long. Planing on getting a rb25det head setup soon hopefully. Problem is i will have to get all the stuff like better gearbox, diff, brakes as well. Damn thats gonna cost a bit to do :(

edit: picture - I have different wheels now but. 17" something-er-others

MadVK308 05-06-05 08:05

White VK 308, -loud and proud!
Im mot from Townsville .... but near enough!

maybe we should add piccies to our posts..

SuperRy 05-06-05 11:49

I was hopeing to clean my car and get a few nice photos.

Since this weather is horrible, it will have to wait :(

spanners 05-06-05 12:42

i got 2 vlts but since the sedan ant on the road :( i have a factory turbo manual berlina wagon not in the best condition but dont go too bad has an avo stage 1 cooler and is boosted to 10psi (enough to blow off stock 5Ls) lowered 1 or 2'', 18'' materix wheels and a mad sterio its not really up to standard but its my work car ohh and runs a 15.3 @93mph with a little spinige il post a picie latter

Ben_NA_VL 05-06-05 14:32

86 N/A Berlina, black with a hardcore stereo and major boot rattle :D

SuperRy 05-06-05 15:13


Those dogs are gonna pee on your car!

RB30X 05-06-05 21:11

My ride
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I love the white VK. Very tough.

MickNQ 05-06-05 21:17

hey guys, i have a dark blue over silver calais turbo. mods so far are 2.5" exhaust (came with car), avo stage 2 front mount cooler, 11 psi. future mods include changeover to 5 speed, larger turbo and more boost! hope to get down to the drags in the next couple of weeks to see what she'll do.

RB30X 05-06-05 22:42

Nice work dudes. Keep them coming.

cal-a-kid 06-06-05 00:37

MickNQ: You wouldn't be interested in making the drive up to townsville for our drag/drink/burnout/cruise weekend eh???

Midz 06-06-05 07:26

I was in townsville acouple of weeks ago and there was a lack of talant OH we are talking about cars.

There was some model search on at mad cow i think.

MickNQ 06-06-05 08:32

when is it? i know you've got a thread going but couldn't be farked reading the whole thing again! :D

cal-a-kid 06-06-05 12:57

16th and 17th of July, which is a Saturday and Sunday. Saturday night meeting at the drags, then going from some burnouts after, then to a firends house for drinks. Sunday lunchtime, meeting up for a cruise. Should be a good weekeend if your interested. Tell your friends to bring their vlts aswell :-)


MickNQ 06-06-05 15:50

hmm, maybe! it's the same night when the mackay test n' tune is on. i would tell my mates if there were any other vlt's around but i think i'm the only one! :(

would be good to head up to Townsville for the weekend, lived there for a while before moving here.

sgrah 06-06-05 17:48

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I got the red over silver calais with the following mods,:D

Forged Pistons
Preped Rods
ARP rod bolts
O-Ringed Block
Ported Head
Vernier cam wheel
LukeVL cam
Hi flow oil pump
hi flow water pump
Hi-Energy Ignition System and coil
1000cc injectors
600hp garrett gt30 bb turbo
4 inch dump off turbo to 3 inch exhaust
Custom turbo extractors
Nizpro Plenum Chamber
XF Throttle Body
Big ass intercooler
45mm turbosmart wastgate
E-Boost controller
Motec M4 clubman computer
and the obligitory oil catch can
Transmission has also been rebuilt to handle the power
and a whole lota blood, sweat and tears from bob hawkins
makes 278.9 RWKW's at 12 PSI, with more boost to come

only pics I have at the moment

LukeVL 06-06-05 18:24

Put more boost into it Scotty! Good to see the camshaft woes have gone away thanks to some guru camming... lol

cal-a-kid 06-06-05 18:40

What camshaft problems were you having sgrah?


sgrah 06-06-05 19:01

I was going through lifters and cams within a couple of thousand k's, finally found the fault with the oil pump which was intemitantly bypassing oil but wasn't showing up as low pressure on oil pressure gauge, but wasn't delivering enough oil to lifters, only found it when we were puting the great cam LukeVL supplied me in, andfired the engine up and no pressure, fixed the valve and she all good now,
But now that I have either stuffed the head gasket or cracked the head due to thermostat failing, I'll have to wait a little bit longer till more boost

cal-a-kid 06-06-05 19:04

What kind of oil pump have you got now? I've got a r32 gtr oil pump on my beast so hopefully I shouldn't have similar problems.


sgrah 06-06-05 19:05

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Better put up the dyno sheet as well

LukeVL 06-06-05 19:50

Did Bob take a heap of ignition out top end to stop detonation? the power curve gets a bit 'hows your father' after it peaks

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