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platinum 27-03-04 19:17

VIN Calculator
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Ok, just was bored and was trying to work out the codes for the vin numbers...
Most of this was taken from insanesVL article (so blame him for any mistakes :D).

Give it a test, it should report back most of the info about your VL

Use this plate to get the numbers from (see attached image):

carcrazy 27-03-04 23:36

Thats pretty cool! It says its a non turbo isnt yours turbo?

jordy 27-03-04 23:38

"Luxury" <--- like that, no A in there

KILLAB 28-03-04 01:33

that id plate could be from his old one maybe?

furryfrog 28-03-04 01:41

pretty crafty,
Division: Holden
Luxuary Level: Commodore SL
Body Shape:: Sedan
Engine: 3.0E (Non Turbo)
Year: 1988
Plant: ERROR - should be J or L and between 1 and 9
Serial Number: 28441

kept getting that error... not sure why but im sure you can fix it :p

Denied 28-03-04 03:08

carcrazy, thats my VIN in the picture :)

Denied 28-03-04 03:13

also, it should be entered in the format '8K196HL284410' without spaces etc.

VLTWhite1 28-03-04 09:45

Cool. Now all we need is one for the Body & Option plate on the lower left of your photo. I've got the codes if you really want to get carried away.

LAGWAGN 28-03-04 12:45

Nice one platinum
I only got one error, it wouldnt tell me that my car is a wagon..
oh well good stuff

ijd 28-03-04 20:29

It works good. It says my car is a SL. I thought it was a exec, well it has exec badges.

Antho 29-03-04 19:02

an exec is the same as an SL, just with air con and pwr steering as standard and exec badges

Denied 17-04-04 21:30

On my VIN plate I have an 'L' at the end of the VIN number, does anyone know what that stands for?

VLTWhite1 19-04-04 00:21

Model Program VL funnily enough.

Denied 19-04-04 00:37

ok, thought it might have been a HDT thing as my SL doesn't have it

aus880 23-04-04 07:52

My '87 series II Calais turbo comes back as;

Division: Holden
Luxury Level: ERROR - should be VK, VL or VX
Body Shape:: Sedan
Engine: 3.0ET (Turbo)
Year: ERROR - should be F, G or H
Plant: ERROR - should be J or L and between 1 and 9
Serial Number: 44515

So some probs do exist in the calculator. great idea though to have this

jordy 24-04-04 19:05

Either that, or maybe u can't type russell :p

poida24 29-04-04 18:53

8 L 19 8 F J6 00025 L

00025. SERIAL NO.

if any one wants to no what theres is post it..

InsaneVL 12-05-04 13:42

Anyone tried a Wagon VIN in it - 35 in the Body Style keeps coming up with "error must be 19 or 35"...

88BERLINA 12-05-04 14:43

Hey could someone post up a list or give me a link to every single code available to a VL (eg diff, tranny ect) ive done a search but it couldnt find what i was looking for i rember it being up a while ago but i think it was in the old site.
Thanks everyone

poida24 12-05-04 17:53

if any one wants to no what there car is post it..

CHAYSR 16-07-04 10:27

This is good idea.

Thanks again Gavin.

Here's mine!!

Division: Holden
Luxury Level: Commodore SL
Body Shape: ERROR - should be 19 or 35 (Gav WTF???)
Engine: 3.0ET (Turbo)
Year: 1987
Plant: Adelaide
Serial Number: 35390

david85dc 20-07-04 12:31

mine worked perfect

Division: Holden
Luxury Level: Calais
Body Shape:: Sedan
Engine: 3.0ET (Turbo)
Year: 1988
Plant: Adelaide
Serial Number: 61438

aus880 20-07-04 18:46


Originally Posted by david85dc
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That chick is the cousin of a guy I work with

david85dc 21-07-04 15:45

well i rate her man, shes a little hottieee

AVSTER 18-08-04 09:20

Division: Holden
Luxury Level: Calais
Body Shape:: Sedan
Engine: 3.0ET (Turbo)
Year: 1986
Plant: Adelaide
Serial Number: 16999

8 : X : 19 : 8 : F : L : 2 : 16999 :

Outstanding Platinum! :)

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