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Vltutu 22-05-15 20:40

88 Vl Turbo - From Bargin To Bangin
Hey fellow ct members and guests!

Just wanna show off my new ride!
88 vl turbo that has a lot of potential and a new owner willing to spend the money to take it there,
* Rb30 turbo
* Stock as a rock manual (new clutch & flywheel)
* Larger t3/t4 turbo set 15lb
* Polished Calais wheels

Nothing else noteworthy of adding at this time but im open to suggestions and will update my thread regularly.

Not To Distant Future....
* Central locking and 5 star alarm system (IN PROGRESS)
* 19" Charcoal SSV's wrapped in 225/35/R19's
* Whiteline Strut Brace
* Garrett GT3540R turbo

Some Snaps

priceysVL 24-05-15 22:25

Looks Nice. Will be interesting to see how you go with the 35/40, ive been looking into getting one aswell

deanoVLCT 25-05-15 09:34

Nice colour bud! 15 psi with no exhaust or cooler?

philby 25-05-15 10:27

Looks Mint!

Vltutu 27-05-15 17:54

Thanks guys!! Hopefully the new turbo will go on without any dramas once I get it that is, already have a top mount manifold on it ( I'll upload some bay pics soon )..
Sorry deano I should have mentioned it's running a frount mound and 3" straight through setup to a dumpy. The coulor is a Toyota one from what the previous owner told me so old like to think it's unique.
Finally finished the central locking aswell was actually easier than I thought once I searched ct and found a install guide. Also have white venetians now I think it sets the rear end of nicely.

deanoVLCT 27-05-15 20:20

You take junk pictures mate lol get some nice ones up bud!

Vltutu 04-07-15 19:45

Haha yeah deano sorry mate just rushed pictures.
Bit of a update tho car now sits on black ssv's and gave the whole thing a detail and clean aswell as a clay bar wash. Pretty much have it where I want it visually now just work to do on the engine. Let me know your thoughts guys and I'm always open to suggestions.
Here are your good pic's deano lol.





dougall83 04-07-15 20:25

Nice ride mate

Vltutu 04-07-15 20:38

Thanks mate

priceysVL 05-07-15 20:39

Are you still running standard ecu and injectors?

Vltutu 01-09-15 18:17

Yeah all standard my mechanic informed me my boost gauge is stuffed so may not be 15lb. It should be surging from lack of fuel if that was the case but nevertheless she still hums. Not just trying to get pop ups to work and safe to say not having a good time doing it but all experience gained haha

FLY-03L 02-09-15 18:53

Looks nice and black wheels go really well
Top of your list should be a new ECU if you plan on bolting a 35 to it, along with a bigger fuel setup

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