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Althoats 16-11-15 06:32

MY LS1 turbo berlina
G'day guys, here are some photos of my ls1 turbo vl im building, car should be going in the next 6 months after a few set backs but it is full steam ahead now!

Picked the car up for 1200 bucks 2 years ago and have sold all the good gear out of it for about 5k, not bad and i still have a genuine vl turbo sitting there

Car consists of

VX SS ls1
chinese arp head studs
arp rod bolts
GM mlsr head gaskets
other wise dead stock

2 Speed powerglide rated to 1500hp
slingshot stall
B&M pro ratchet shifter
B&M scattershield
Borgwarner with 31 spline billet axles

Bosch ID2000S
Fuelab 1800hp pump
Fuelab pressure regulator
Pierburg E85 intake pump

Haltech PS2000 ecu with LS1 full pre terminated harness
Racepak IQ3 digital dash
all haltech sensors including E85 and wideband

Custom made turbo manifold with garret GT4202 turbo
Turbosmart copy 50mm wastegate

Heaps more **** cbf listing, but the aim is to make 500kw and run an 8 on a relatively stock motor

VLWAGONIT 16-11-15 09:57

Sounds like it going to be a killer VL mate. what suspension is it running?

Duke57TT 16-11-15 11:05

Pity you're a gay cunt

Althoats 16-11-15 16:51


Originally Posted by VLWAGONIT (Post 3066686)
Sounds like it going to be a killer VL mate. what suspension is it running?

Koni 90/10s in front and koni adjustables in the rear

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Originally Posted by Duke57TT (Post 3066688)
Pity you're a gay cunt

wheres my mouldings you useless ****?

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Duke57TT 16-11-15 19:24

Sitting in my shed, I even seen Mitch on the weekend.



Originally Posted by Althoats (Post 3066697)
wheres my mouldings you useless ****?

Steff 17-11-15 21:24

Tuff build mate!
Top stuff. Goodluck with it n keep us updated.

BUD 18-11-15 14:29

nice build any issues with the headers heating up the body being basicly right on top of it?

Althoats 18-11-15 17:50

havent got that far yet, will give the strut towers some panel loving and will be wrapped in heat shielding

3lturbo 18-11-15 18:22

Looking good mate. What radiator/fan setup are you going to run?

Althoats 19-11-15 06:26

spal 3000cfm fan on a custom aluminium shroud just on a triple core 6 cylinder radiator

Jet R31 19-11-15 19:12

Whats it with r31 owners buying
Vl berlinas with red interiors
tuff build

Althoats 20-11-15 06:10

hahaha daz, ive still got the 26/30 and an r31 gts2 there ;) hows your car going?

Jet R31 22-11-15 19:07

Have done nothing..we have no track again for yrs, i cbf till we do..

Ive got a white berlina with red interior ive been building for last 4 months..
ive Painted bay and if i wasnt working all this weekend i would have been dropping motor in..
Has my 31 solid sohc motor and glide.
but i put a modified (to clear solid cam rocker) vlt stock intake on it
and a modified stock exhaust manifold that ive had ceramic coated and has
a 48mm gate hanging of it and welded spacers.
has a 67mm billet prototype t3 turbo to have a play with
new microtech lt15 with 6 ls1 coil setup..
No e85, just another WMI 98 octane setup, hoping for 9s in street trim
Ill do a build thread soon..

Yours is rad..if i didnt have the rb30 sitting around collecting do the same!

Althoats 16-12-15 05:56

damn you, i was thinking of turboing my gts2 soon...just for that cranky single cam

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