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Woggster 06-01-11 23:18

Porta Walls/Flappers/White Walls etc.

I'm looking for some "Porta Walls" to fit onto a 15" rim/tyre and was wondering where you guys have gotten yours from and how much they cost?

Would i be best off going to a tyre/wheel shop (e.g. Tempe, Ozzy Tyres) and asking them about it?

If anyone has any pictures of porta walls/flappers on their Holden feel free to post up.

(I'm lookin for something like this)

Thanks :)

VL-86-92 06-01-11 23:25

im after them too mate.. iv been looking around for quite some time..

Alot of people suggest buying online from america where they are a dime a dozen. I am purchasing some 16" 3cm portawalls from america through ebay for just $14.99

Alot of wheel shops dont have a clue where to get them but there are plenty on ebay for reasonably cheap, you just need to try a bunch of different searches (whitewall inserts, flappers, portawalls etc)

Woggster 06-01-11 23:46

Do you have a link to this ebay add?? I'd really appreciate it :)

milad 07-01-11 00:11

a dude in turkey sells them for around $250 on ebay.

im leaving australia in 3days to visit the middle east for 12months..

if i can find this guy i will be more than happy 2 post this stuff over 2 CT members for cheap..

porta walls for evry1 :D

Woggster 07-01-11 09:01

Haha alright sounds good Milad. Post up if you find this guy, also have a good trip bro :D

VL-86-92 - Can you please post a link to where you are buying these porta walls? plz

If anyone knows somewhere that i could order them from or buy them i'd really appreciate it

Thanks for all the help so far :)

HZARD 07-01-11 09:47

aye guys put (white wall inserts) in ebay but usa have the best different colours and stuff, or in berwick VIC 3806 a guy does them (johns rod and customs),, but warning if you go over 3 inch wall will last only about 2 weeks on a daily driver because will start peeling from the rims have had this on my car for a year and ive had three sets, and different types of tyres work better than other...
hope this is help for you guys..

Woggster 07-01-11 20:07

How long would 2 inch wall inserts last on a car thats driven once a week?

87hevn 07-01-11 20:49

about the same life as the tyre itself. ill post some pics of the calais in a sec ;)

got mine from antique tyres here in perth. 200 bux installed.

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Woggster 08-01-11 07:11

Thanks 87hevn, your car looks great :)
Where on that website do i find the section for white porta walls??
Also, do they send/post to Sydney?


ProTig 08-01-11 13:34

This is the guy I used to use when I was importing them, send him a message on eBay with what you want, and where too and he will invoice your paypal hen just pay it and arrives in about 2-3weeks from memory, the more you buy the cheaper they are(saving on postege)
He has more styles/coloures not listed.
They normally are about 75aud delivered for a single set and around 45 for 3+ sets

These are the same as what was used on raptors car itl-555, gmh-jc's waive, and comfli

Hope that helps your guys out

Edit oops forgot the link lol

Woggster 09-01-11 07:39

Thanks for that ProTig, I just messaged him now, we'll see what he says :)

shaun55 09-01-11 14:13

You buy them from Antique, they have them for anysize wheel and start at around $110 a set. They post oz wide!!

DoylesVL 23-06-11 09:43

Ive been trying to find a picture i found on here ages ago... its a white vl calais with polished calais wheels with portawals on them

does anyone know where i could find it.... for some reason the name petrie rings a bell for the bloke that owned the car... it was a non turbo calais

shaun55 23-06-11 18:10

Yeah mate it was with me at Powercruise sydney in march, any threads regarding the sydney powercruise will show you pics of them, i have the same on my car. also also have heaps of pics...

STOCKEE86 23-06-11 18:38

i got mine off ebay from the guy from Turkey and only payed $80 delivered? i had to wait 4 weeks but it was worth it :)

sk8in 23-06-11 19:32

i throught there was a place in berwick that sold them and installed for free if u brang ur car in? not 100% tho

Andy-30L 24-06-11 16:56

mate of mine has an r33 skyline. he put rear pods on it but they werent secured properly an they used to flap off when he went round corners. so, thoughtfully i gave him the well thought out name 'flappy gums flaps mcgee'... mindless piece of information but it made me laugh!

this is andy 30L, over an out :p

shaun55 24-06-11 18:54

hahahah you crack me up Andy, yeah if they are not installed properly, which is easy to see if they are or not, they do come off. I lost one on my way to Powercruise, yep, i was devo!

S1kgmh 14-04-14 09:59

Hey guys does anyone on here have portawalls and are looking to sell I would order them off eBay but need them within 2 weeks

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