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duff 03-10-10 11:00

how to polish ur n/a rocker cover
for all the turbo boys theres wrinkle red. but for those of us rockin the standard silver cover, its bling time!! haha

heres the tools you need.

* Buffer
* Dremel grinding bit
* Dremel polishing wheel
* Drill
* 400,800,1200 sandpaper. could go to 1500 but these were all i had
* Polishing cloth
* Metal Polish
* Turps
* Rag

heres the grinder and polishing wheel

and the polish i used (got it a supercheap)

start off by wiping the cover down with turps or your cleaning product of choice.

then we hit it with the dremel grinder. if you have something bigger use that. this was all i had at my disposal

this just helps to rough up the surface and cut down sanding time. also the small grinder is great for around the holden logo and in those tricky lines.

now for the fun. sand with 400 grit first until smooth. then 800 going across your lines so you can see when its smooth. then 1200 in circles to give it a machined finish. sanding is the most time consuming but most important step. it determines how good the finished product is.

now its time to make it shine. apply polish directly to your buffer

then run along the top of your cover, letting the buffer do the work. you don't need to push it hard onto the cover. this could cause burn marks in the aluminum. put more polish on every now and then to get the desired result. use the miny buffer for the holden logo and the lines.

once your happy that you've buffed the pants off it grab your polishing cloth (this is my crappy one, i didn't want to use my nice microfibre cloth lol) and remove the dull polish until it shines!

this is just the top done, it gives u the idea though. i'll finish it when i get a chance.

hope this is helpful and inspires you guys to clean up your engine bays

leb vlt 03-10-10 14:24

gd write up man

Matt. 03-10-10 16:11

Can I ask roughly how long it took?
Being a daily I can't really take my time sorta thing,
also do you think you could polish the plenum the same way?
Or is there a diff way for that?

duff 03-10-10 18:31

i took it off on friday and spent about an hour on it saturady. and about 2 this morning. thats just the top bit. and yes i plan on doing my plenum the same way.

cheers leb vlt for the pat on the back!

oh i should of added how to take it off. remove the intake ducting, few clamps and a 13mm underneath as well as two phillips to take the bracket for the leads off. slide the breather hoses off. remove accelerator cable and cruise if you have it. just undo the nut slightly and slide the cable up. open the throttle with your hand and slide the end of the cable out to the side. two 12mm bolts to take the acc cable bracket off. then if i remember correctly just undo the phillips all around the cover and lift off. pop a rag on top of your rockers to protect from the elements.

Woggster 04-10-10 13:28

Good write up, it'll look great once it's all polished up.

ProTig 04-10-10 15:02

nice write up but just one thing to help you out next time use paint stripper to take off all the paint will save clogging up the sand paper.

and if u cant be bothered to put in the elbow grease take it to a metal polishers to polish will be about 50-70bux

comes up like so

or another


duff 05-10-10 21:32

wow that looks awesome. yeah i'm gonna take it off and have another crack with paint stripper i think.

Woggster 06-10-10 07:23

Only $50-$70? Geez that seems pretty good value for the result

golum 20-01-11 23:09

Paint stripper is The Key Then Bunnings For Some Polishings Jasco Stones Grey for Cut Then White For Final result also some wheels will be Mirror Image Have done about 70 covers Now

shaun55 21-01-11 18:00

i just done mine. Coated it in paint stripper, left it for 20 m inutes and applied a bit more, scrapped it all off and my polisher charged me $80 and its flawless.....

golum 27-03-11 23:40

Post some pix Up Of Everyones Work !

WhiteExec 31-05-13 23:02

so far i have done my rocker cover, intake manifold upper half and the lower half, the idle air control valve.

just a little tip, if you do plan on doing your intake manifold/lower runners, be prepared for some VERY sore fingers and raw fingertips and have ALOT of spare time on your hands.

it takes FOREVER to sand in all the little grooves, 240-320 dry on a FEIN tool or a wizzer/buzzer will realy speed up the process

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