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SirGeo 19-02-07 12:52

History of VL based workshops....
Alright, i know i'm just asking for trouble, but who can give a quick history of the major workshops that have had an effect on the VL scene....

I'd probably suggest if you like JPC... do a JPC bassed one and leave the other workshop info out unless you will be 100% unbiased...

So, bassically i think we need. (i know i missed allot.. so feel free to add any other workshops)

Bresciani - yeah they are first because they are sponsors... get over it.
MOTORTECH ( :confused: )
JSPEC - brief history....

Anyway.. keep adding if you want guy's.. but need some info on these places.. Achievements? history? size? contact details? etc...

Once they are done we can get them all separate pages if people can be bothered...

Epitaph 19-02-07 13:00

JSPEC too? :p

ATMO_BT1 19-02-07 13:04

how can you forget PET and MOTORTECH?

Yeti 19-02-07 14:26

Steve, between you and me, you may want to change the heading to Brief history of VL based workshops...


But shhhh, that's just between you and me

Blink 19-02-07 14:32

Done lol :p

SirGeo 19-02-07 14:39

stop picking on my spelling.. friggen spell check should have picked that up....

Zanjara 19-02-07 15:59

Well here is some contact details for the top 3 workshops the others i will try and find contact details later... I am not biased towards any of theses workshops one happens to be one i goto anyways hehe :D :D

Workshop Name: Bresciani Racing
Contact Details: 7A Foden Ave
Campbellfield VIC 3061

Phone: (03) 9305 2198
Fax: (03) 9308 9055

Workshop Name: Rajab Racing
Contact Details: 16 Ari Drv
Campbellfield Vic 3061

Phone: (03) 9357 7587
Fax: (03) 9357 7587

Workshop Name: JPC (Johnsons Performance Centre)
Contact Details: 27 Lipton Drive
Thomastown Vic 3074

Phone: (03) 9469 2566
Fax: (03) 9469 2966

ATMO_BT1 19-02-07 18:44

lol for what zanny an oil change? :p

Workshop Name: Motortech Racing
Well known shop VL's: JETF18, NO LAG, JET 6
Contact Details: 103 Auburn St Wollongong 2500

Phone: (02) 4227 6808

Zanjara 19-02-07 18:52

lol jack alot more then that mate...

vlt88wa 13-05-08 21:50

are there any goood work shops in perth that any one noes of?

JET-086 14-05-08 16:04

Name: Birrong Automotive
Address: Auburn Road Birrong, NSW, 2143
Telephone: 02 9644 5566
Car/s: OOH-30T

Name: CV Performance/Perko's Performance
Address: Unit 7/30 Endeavour rd Caringbah 2229
Phone: 02 9526-5322
Fax: 02 9526 5399
Car/s: NOEXQS - KIL-351 - SIK-25T aka ELA-747 then JET A1

Name: Tony Rigoli Performance TRP
Address: Unit 11, 7 Birmingham Avenue, Villawood, NSW 2163
Phone: 9727 0695
Fax: 9727 4697

yellow_vl 27-11-08 20:11

chiping norton based ceko prestige isnt mechanical shop but will do all electric work or dashboard conversation vt-vl blindfolded also great panelbeating and spraypainting shop owners owned atleast 20 vls that i know of.painted 2 of my vls too 97551199 .64 riverside rd

it would be more intresting know what workshops are most evil

INFLYTmelb 08-12-08 16:57

GUYS!!! how could you all forget ATS and NIZPRO???

they were both instrumental in getting the VL to where it is today??? i know im talking a long time ago, but these shops where the backbone of what we know today. VLGMH (ATS) and Ben Viceconte (ATS & NIZPRO), both originated from back in the mid 90s (Read 1994-95).

Have a think about it....



anth20694 08-12-08 17:07

MSC Performance
43 Radford Road Reservoir, PH: 94695282

86 gmh 18-12-08 19:09

Thought id add one.vl projex up here in qld. there wreckers that specialise mainly in vl's and early model commodores and now allso seem to do more later model stuff..

vl projex
4 Jacque Ct, Lawnton, QLD 4501
Phone: (07) 3285 1944

88tbo 24-12-08 15:59

Adicted Performance
33 Rimfire Drive
(03) 9708 6232

EAS performance
1 Victory Road, Airport West
Cars: DUF588
(03) 9330 2001

EvilPet 24-01-09 08:38

What about AVO? Harry Kojima? Is that place still going?

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