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Sin 01-01-04 12:22

A Cop Car You Don't Want Chasing You.. JETBT1

It was my lunch break, I had an hour to do the photo shoot of this weeks feature car, and I also had to fit in some lunch on the side. So I went to the local Take-away food store and got myself some tucker and headed down to the main street of Williamstown eagerly awaiting the arrival of the bt1. People were shopping, old grannys crossing the road, tradeys in thier utes, and kids screaming at thier mothers. I took a swig of my coke, and looked at my watch, he should have been here by now I thought to myself, I looked up, and noticed that everyone had stopped still, babies quiet, granny's still, and tradeys eyes wide open, looking down the main street as the sound of an aeroplane came towards us in a big gust of yellow duco, JETBT1 had arrived.

I hopped in the passenger seat, and sat my excited little but in the cushy custom interior, as he back of the seat gripped around my waste, I made sure I fastened my seatbelt as I knew i was in for quite a ride. I shook Moh's hand and said gday, he said ' dont mind if I bring a mate do ya?..' and pointed behind him, I looked back, and saw a sexy looking maroon calais, plates EZY 200, I said '.. course not..' I knew this was my lucky day. We started off through Willy, heading down towards the beach for the photos, we were only travlling at about 40clicks, but I could feel the power underneath, we approached a round about, nice and steadily as we went through, comming out, Moh put his foot down, and I was thrown into the back of my seat, watched the boost rise to a comfortable 10psi, and the speedo instantly hitting 90 clicks, straight away I knew why the police had these things as pursuit vehicles.

Moh bought his clean BT1, late last year and he beleives it has been the best money he has ever spent, he was looking for a car that was able to perform on the street, look nice, and not really have to do anything to, when he saw JETBT1 he knew thier was a god. and said he had to have it. A few bank cheques later, Moh was crusing around in this ex-cop extraviganza, turning heads everywhere he went.

JETBT1 has to be one of the cleanest cars I have ever seen in my entrie life, for a 12 year old car, it looks as though this thing has been sitting in a garage for pretty much all of it, as I popped the bonnet I was nearly blinded by the shine from the clean engine, looking at it, youd swear it had never even been turned over, nor have the powerful engine that it really has. '.. I have to clean the engine bay, its dirty ..' Moh says, I laughed thinking he was just joking around, but no, he was serious. JETBT1 has been looked after better than a new born baby, and it really shows when you see it up close.

The standard turbo has been intercooled with a custom front mount intercooler that basically fills the whole front bumper and keeps the force at a perfect temperature which is helpful for safely rasing the boost. Flow has been taken care of with a bent mandrel 3" exhaust, and really given the car a nice purr at idle, and a growl at will.

With a Limo diff in the back sitting on lowered springs the car is really up to the test on the street, and it definatley looks the part with 17" 5 spoke Aero rims, filling the wheel arch comfortably, and assisting in a nice hard ride.

Looking inside the car is a large 5" white faced monster tacho, and some color coded oil / temp / boost guages, fitted snuggly into the centre console. Moh has put in a kick ass stereo to entertain him as he chases down criminals in his chaser, consitting of 2 6x9s in the back, a lethal Alpine Cd head unit, as well as 8" mids in the front, giving him crisp quality sound. As well as this Moh knows his car would be a great target to would be theives, so he's fitted an ultrasonic three point immobilzer, and siren alarm, that he says '.. that should keep it in my driveway ..'

All in all Moh's car has to be one of the best looking BT1's around today, and has been a featurde in many magazines, as well as a prize winner in many a car shows, we will also be featuring his car at the upcomming MCCR \ HitzFM car show\cruise. Just when you thought it was safe to get out of the police car, I went over and checked out EZY 200, another clean looking car, with a full bodied maroon spray, chome trim, 2 way glass sunroon, and 17" VX SS rims, fitted out inside with custom grey leather trim, and a 5sp manual. This calais definatley turns heads as it drives alongside JETBT1.

I had a chat to him, and asked him about his car, he says.. ' .. oh, my cars a virgin..' Ishrugged, and asked him why, he replied '..shes never been touched, not even boosted..', with extremly low k's, and some stockie wheels on the back, EZY 200 rips it up as we left the car park, after some abuse from a nasty Tractor driver ( you know who you are! ), movie will be up in the downloads section. Stay tuned, as well will have a write up on the awesome EZY 200.

Calais_boy 14-07-04 17:16

Awesome car man.. :D


WLD-BT1 14-07-04 18:23

JETBT1 is one of the nicest vls of all time, you cant go past a canary yellow BT1. nice engine bay to but i think that it would look better if the 3 gauges were on the outside

yeahyeah 13-06-05 19:54

I like ezy200.....looks very fine indeed!!!!

david85dc 15-06-05 14:14

beaut cars, get up the vids :)

87_vl 21-06-05 19:02

r they ultra lows in the rear.

GTA_1024 30-06-05 01:32

Hey can anybody tell me where the wheels are from I think the are hdt but from what type??

LTHLRB 30-06-05 14:31


[HAMOUD] 01-07-05 22:24

cars sold to its original owner now

V8 ETA 03-07-05 21:06

jetbt1 is beautiful, very nice in the flesh

[HAMOUD] 03-07-05 21:45

yep one of my favorite bt1s in fact!

SYKO3L 13-07-05 22:51

very clean...absolutly love it

vlturbo88 14-07-05 17:55

whAT kind of seats are they

vlturbo88 16-07-05 13:58

can sum one answer me

LTHLRB 17-07-05 11:13

can you stop asking, ask the guy to pull over on the road when u see him driving and ask him these questions.

vlturbo88 17-07-05 16:46

mate can u just f***** read ur own convos ***n fagget

vlturbo88 17-07-05 16:47

so who knoes wat kinda seats they r

LTHLRB 17-07-05 16:52

i wonder why no1 answers u fuckhead :rolleyes:

GMHBT1 18-07-05 01:25

vlturbo88 they look like scheel seats as used in the hdt le calais though i may be wrong.

vlturbo88 18-07-05 18:04

ok thanx mate wer would i b able to find sum of those

LTHLRB 18-07-05 19:42

Chiows: vlturbo88 is a stooge i have told him many many many times before.

Vl_Calais 18-07-05 19:59

This Is A Fu ( kin Nice BT1, Its My Overall Favourite, Looks Like A Lot Of Money, Time & Hard Work Has Gone Into This Car. If I Was To Buy A Bt1 This Would Be The One......

Good Luck With The Car Buddy.....Looks Fu ( Kin Smick.........[UJELUS]

Yeti 18-07-05 22:46

Yeah he seems like he can't figure out how a forum works....But let's not hi-jack this thread anymore, it's a damn nice car. The paint is real smooth.....

[Y.OFICR] 22-08-05 00:44

Only a Thomo Boy...LOL

LTHLRB 30-08-05 21:42


Originally Posted by [HAMOUD]
cars sold to its original owner now

actually the car is still at MSC PERFORMANCE and will be there for a long time to come.

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