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Oliver 27-11-08 15:24

Vauxhall Carlton (UK)
Scanned this booklet I found at home, one of the Commodores UK cousins...

misk 27-11-08 15:40

theres also a 2 door version
looks like a gemini more than anything lol

patch 27-11-08 15:45

the front is ugly as ****

misk 27-11-08 16:01

no ****
imagine if the VB-VK in aus came out like that, the VL would be similar :p

Psi_Wagon 27-11-08 17:04

haha interior is almost identical to vc sle

Oliver 27-11-08 17:15

We actually had one before we moved out to Australia in 1985. The 2 door is an Opel Senator.

SIKVLT 27-11-08 17:34

Yeah agree that front is strange as

UNONT2 27-11-08 18:13

hahaha yuck

Oliver 27-11-08 18:35

Gauges on the dash look alright...

FATPSI 27-11-08 20:19


Originally Posted by misk
theres also a 2 door version
looks like a gemini more than anything lol

vauxhall cadet i believe is what your refering to. They also made a gemini one tonner style ute in india or somewhere like that

kalais6 27-11-08 21:34

From memory do a search under Vauxhall Cavalier as well - think it mirrors what we call VB-VC

Oliver 28-11-08 00:24

Cavalier was smaller... the Carlton ran from 1978 which is the VB-VC equivilant.

calais3L 28-11-08 14:44

Cavalier was based on the J Platform; Cadillac Cimmaron, Pontiac J2000, Toyota Cavalier, Vauxhall Cavalier, Opel Ascona, Isuzu Aska and Holden Camira.

Woggster 28-11-08 15:01

god that is one ugly car :D

SHIFT 30-11-08 12:29

Royal Prince

ITS-TUF 18-12-08 13:58

wow that front end is ugly... is it just me or is the passenger side head rest smaller than the drivers???

Oliver 20-12-08 01:06

Its just the angle that the photo has been taken at.

giantbrandon 05-01-09 23:26

when they first got one out here for testing for holden the car nearly tore itself apart at the fire wall, they were junk and fell apart on dirt roads our vb had to be designed alot different lol

2HRD4U 20-01-09 13:40

you should remove this car from this site, it dont belong here

misk 20-01-09 13:54

lol wtf you talking bout mate

Oliver 21-01-09 02:44

Thanks for that comment... I thought I might share the pics etc with my fellow CT members seen as it is a distant cousin of the VL from the UK.

My parents had one of these when we still lived in England in the early 80's 2 litre 4 cylinder! :(

giantbrandon 21-01-09 07:31


Originally Posted by 2HRD4U
you should remove this car from this site, it dont belong here

its history of the whole family, its the great grandad of the vl

AVSTER 13-02-09 06:11

Years ago Lotus got hold of this car and twin turbo'ed it and whacked a body kit on it, looked ok for it's time when it first came out. Went like the clappers back then too.

5spdvl 14-02-09 23:52

Fuck me, looks like a Citroen fucked a VC!

SYC-030 26-02-09 08:07

haha i only just noticed this thread

my missus's parents were telling me they had one of these when they still lived in england.they really are ugly though

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