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VLRB20DET 25-05-05 19:16

Read Here: How To Create A Cruise!!!
This thread is to all the newbies on CT who want to organise a cruise!


First of all you have to plan out the following

1. Were the cruise is going to: There are many good places that you can cruise to, just have a look at where some of the previous cruises have been

As a warning to you all by no means should a cruise end up at chappel st or the likes as no-one wants trouble with the law etc.....

2. Date of the Cruise: Common sense here is the key, the best idea is to plan ahead, its no use posting up a cruise 1 day before it is on, ppl need time to get there cars ready time off work etc

3. Directions of Cruise: Make sure Malways ref are printed clearly so everyone can understand them, also pictures can help also

4. Time of Departure/Meet: Make the times reasonable so it give ppl time to get to the meet points, common sense is the answer here ppl

5. Meet Points: Generally this is like big carparks, or other places most ppl know in melb, eg Bell St Maccas etc....

6. Rules for the cruise: Ok sometime ppl make up rules for the cruise, but most ppl that have been on previous cruizes know the drill,this could be
- No burnouts, drifting, donuts or other associated illegal activities
- No Speeding or Racing
- No drink driving
- No Reckless driving of any sort

Hopefully this all helps you out in making up cruises for CT

Also thanks to Nath (ZANJARA) for helping create this thread.

Psi_Wagon 25-05-05 21:02

should make this sticky :)

Kingyvl 25-05-05 22:24

Well done owen and nath!

.loz 25-05-05 23:19

good work VLRB20DET: but i swere that was a copy and past job!

none-the-less it had to be said... i still dont know whats happening with the other 2 cruises

MadVK308 25-05-05 23:38

Good to see some rules laid down...dont want the CT name turning into an article in a local paper or anything do we :D

Zanjara 26-05-05 11:39

lol copy and past job? funny nah we put afew things together and come up with that.

well we are trying to set afew rules down so many be people might understand that we are out to have a cruise and so people think we are not all hoons as the old people put it...

vlbabygurl 26-05-05 17:54

thats a good idea posting up how to make cruises... should kinda add another thing... like location.. for sensable meet points for the first one suiteable for all people in melbourne.. liek for people on oposite sides of the city or something.. just a sugestion tho... dun have to put it up

hsvtrev 26-05-05 18:20

And if you organise it, you should probably turn up.

Zanjara 26-05-05 18:21

yeah that comes under meet points..

when myself owen and afew others do make some cruises up we look out for others in other parts of victoria so everyone can meet up at the meet point in there area and then move onto the main meet point..

Becka 01-07-05 12:34

i just asked to get this thread sticky'd too, i found it a great planning to organise a cruise to a beach or something once i get my car on the streets.....thanks guys :)

Miz_VL_Turbo 01-07-05 17:32

now sticky

Becka 01-07-05 20:34

thank you :)

gmchaser 24-07-05 19:28


Originally Posted by VLRB20DET

As a warning to you all by no means should a cruise end up at chappel st or the likes as no-one wants trouble with the law etc.....

i think it would be a good idea driving by chappel st(imagine 20/30 vlt's on chappel), it would be somethng that people wwould talk about for ages.

oso 24-07-05 20:57

the cruise would last 5 hours if we went down chapel st on a friday night... thats 5 hours from one side of chapel to the other :P half the v8s would have to stop and pull over and fill up fuel at least every 20mins sittin there :D

SYKOVL 25-07-05 00:03

20 cars will drive to Chapel st, 20 cars will leave Chapel st on tow trucks with complimentary canary/EPAs.

gmchaser 25-07-05 23:44

me and a few mates went past chapel st on friday night and ran a bit of a muck, but the cops weren't doing nothing. i think during summer the cop's hit hard but if everyone is sensable there wont be any defects or epa's handed out.(hopefully)

SYKOVL 26-07-05 10:01

People have tried to be 'sensible', but when dealing with the Police, unfortunately, too much generalisation occurs. If u're a VL driver, then u're a 'typical VL driver' in their eyes, and everyone falls under the same category (hoon), whether you drive like a granny or like Mark Skaife does on the track.

WoG-VLT 30-07-05 19:47

good tread

stbitch 24-08-06 21:41

want to get a car club up and going how would i do it

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