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ILLUSIV 24-07-07 21:21

New Forums now open!

It's been great on here, but it's now ready to roll!

The walkinshaw section on will now be closed.

Unfortunately, we can't move all the existing threads/posts over, as not all the users will be on there, and it will just be a mess.

Feel free though, to re-post any threads/posts from here over on the new forums in the correct sections.

As all new members have to have all their threads/posts validated by a moderator before they are seen, if your intending to become a paying member, simply sign up, transfer the money to my account (details are on the new site under becoming a member down the bottom) and then PM me, saying you have paid. I will then make you an official member. If the money hasn't hit my account within 3 days, I will remove your access until it does.

Any questions, PM me on here or the new forums!

Cheers & see you over there!


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