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legal6 23-09-07 21:44

Need Imac Engine bay pics
im after pictures of peoples engine bays,
prefferably not standerd bolt on things, but more after ideas on removing things and welding un needed stuff up and hiding wires
bassically really clean or show cars

ive got the engine out and have welded up all the holes ive got no use for, the battery trays gone, fuse box is in the glove box and the ac is gone,

im thinking along the lines of custom stainless over flow and washer tanks behide the strut towers.
removing the bumps on the right hand wheel arch which did have the over flow mounted too.
and removing the imprints under where the air box was and the battery

if anyone has any pics which have someone of my ideas done i would be very thankful if you shared them with me or if you have any ideas


NSNPWR 24-09-07 00:38

Search for vltnitron (Corrans) its about as clean as they come, fuse box removed, holes filled etc...

_Calturb 24-09-07 01:36

Check the top section where the tags are have all been smoothed along, usually and ugly lip there.
But yeah even contact corran he was telling me one day how much work he did to that bay heat shriking making it look so nice.

legal6 24-09-07 19:43

cheers for that Daniel and NSNPWR.

yes Corrans car is amazing and is one of adelaides best vls around.
ive seen his car many time and the detail he has gone to is a insperation to me. im aiming to a simular standerd that hes gone to with mine

if your got anymore pics of diffrent car or ideas, please share if you dont mind need more food for though

anyone got a decent pic of Alex's car?

NTMID 8 24-09-07 19:52

unpainted but you get the idea

legal6 24-09-07 20:16

cheers for that NTMID 8, much help there.

your car seems to be coming along nice, not long now. the easyier half is about to start, keep the good work up:cool:

im quite liking Corrans work on the top of the fire wall with the lip and ridge removal, its much more better aswel as the removal of the loom entrance hole for the wiper motor.

now something ive been thinking off is removing the charcole fuel canister, to me its a waste of space, ugly and making it clutted in that area
whats peoples thoughs???? will coppers pick on it being gone/notice its missing???

_Calturb 24-09-07 22:06

Just weld upevery hole you can, get rid of everything you dont need and smooth smooth smooth :p

Nusk 24-09-07 22:44

heres what i did with where the charcoal canister used to be mate. uz360 on this forums makes em.

and heres one of my dirty, but smoothed bay

sohc2 02-01-14 15:34


chasdm 02-01-14 17:34

AVG45 03-01-14 08:07

This thread has some good **** in it.

Here's mine...[/URL]

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