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Wkd_Vl 01-10-12 18:54

Vl Turbo Build
Hey guys thought i chuck up a new thread as it now suits the vl turbo build section

Factory Vl Sl 5sp . was originally red has had a complete color change to abysnth yellow. all painted by my self. first paint job ive attempted . car has gone through several motors. carby 304. efi 304. but have now settled for a rb30 again. motor wise its just a high comp a6 with a small wade cam. stock rebuilt t3 witch will run 10-12 psi.3inch exhaust. front mount, just basic small mods and running a mf5 with a exeddy h/d clutch. interior is just beige sl spec. has a few autometer gauges in where the sunny s holder is. hope to have the car ready by December and enjoy it with summer , few pics enjoy







bewsh 03-10-12 10:49

What a VL!!

Wkd_Vl 03-10-12 18:10

thanks mate. pretty happy with it. still lots to do and improve on. would like to get the interior redone

bewsh 04-10-12 12:41

mate im thinking of doing the same thing, prices of BT1's are rediculous, 15k for a pretty ok one, 20k for a perfect one.

All i want is to cruise around in a yellow VL turbo, this idea is perfect!

Which suburb u from mate?

Wkd_Vl 04-10-12 17:35

yer true org bt1 in yellow is a small most of them aint in the best nick. holes in engine bay. cut parcel trays etc

i was lucky with mine. it was a one owner and looked after very well

im from bayswater area mate


deanoVLCT 04-10-12 21:09

This build inspired me to do mine in which I've just finished! Bewesh mine is mint bro pm me, I'm gonna sell it soon if your keen! Wkd can't believe you had the rb30 then 5.0 then back to rb30 lol

MBHSV5 04-10-12 21:35

wow looks neat !
nice work

Wkd_Vl 05-10-12 16:28

cheers deano your making me blush lol

will have to have a cruise one night. couple yellow vlt's ;)

bewsh 10-10-12 09:20

cant remember the last time i saw a couple of clean BT1's going

just sent u a PM deano

deanoVLCT 10-10-12 10:48

Sounds good wkd, Bew I'll get ya pics later and info via text

Wkd_Vl 19-01-13 16:49

well cars nearly ready to go .gotta fix a few things. put the airbox back in. find a vlt fuel reg


Wkd_Vl 17-02-13 17:57


Originally Posted by Wkd_Vl (Post 2989851)
well cars nearly ready to go .gotta fix a few things. put the airbox back in. find a vlt fuel reg


well stock setup is history. new setup so far is gktech cooler kit. gt35/40, turbosmart 38mm gate. still saving for the fuel system. but coming along nicely




MUS 17-02-13 21:04

Well done bro. Looks mint!

Wkd_Vl 20-02-13 18:45

cheers bud. its getting there oh and forgot to say its got a wade 1147 cam in her now to

MUS 20-02-13 23:27

Nice.. What are your power expectations?

Wkd_Vl 21-02-13 05:27

would be happy with 250rwkw :)

MUS 21-02-13 06:47

Mmmm so would i :D

Wkd_Vl 21-02-13 19:45

through a 5sp to hehe

MUS 22-02-13 22:12

Do you think the mf5 will handle that kind of power?

Wkd_Vl 23-02-13 07:14

will see haha its got a exeddy h/d clutch in it. but i honestly dont think it will last. so when the gearbox breaks im going for a rb25 box. for the price of mx7 i might as well spend the extra and get the 25box

MUS 23-02-13 14:54

Yeah bro i agree... For the price of a mx7 these days i have seen half cut rb25s going for abit more or less!. Not worth it at all.

Wkd_Vl 15-03-13 20:38

small vid of it trying to idle haha and lack of exhaust 8

Wkd_Vl 18-03-13 17:53

uploaded it on youtube. not everyone has facebook lol

MUS 18-03-13 21:31

I cant watch either! Facebook says its not available and Youtube says its private LOL

Wkd_Vl 15-05-13 21:41

well bit more done. exhaust is now 3inch turbo back. installed a msd 6al and msd ss coil. ordered a nistune. still deciding on injectors



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