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vlt-dreamer 24-02-04 07:28


Here are some pics of my mate Youngy's Walky. #109.
If you need any other pics or info let me know. car doesn't wear the plates as what your website says.
owner kept them.

ILLUSIV 27-02-04 13:36

Get me some more pics, and specs/history writeup etc.. and I'll gladly feature it!

vlt-dreamer 05-07-05 11:20

it needs some touch ups craig, someone snapped an eyelid off it.

once its up and running, i'll get some frsh pics alongside his F20 and a detailed post about the both of them for the website.

Proph 05-07-05 15:02

genuine walky with fake calais headlights?

vlt-dreamer 05-07-05 20:28

there were genuine walky's fitted with calais eyelids after production as they weren't performing well sales wise, so they put some fronts on, added sunroofs to some etc...

VLHERO 12-07-05 15:08

Pics would be great ;)

vlt-dreamer 12-07-05 17:59

this thread is 16 months old hero, hence the pics not being linked anymore.


VLHERO 12-07-05 21:50

Ahh righto didnt check the date! Just came for a look after seeing you mention it in another thread recently. Sorry mate.

LTHLRB 23-07-05 23:41

looks meanlike with the calais front fitted. tell him well done :D

TUFGPA 23-08-05 22:47

im the last owner of the walky, I still have the TUF-GPA plates which Im selling. Im asking $1000 ono

TUFGPA 24-08-05 10:18

This is what the car looked like when i had it.

vlt-dreamer 27-08-05 17:20

how much for plates

you need to fix the pic it doesn't work.

email me the pics and i'll put them up,

HYBRID VL 07-09-05 19:53

nice pics mate

VLT30L 21-12-05 17:26

i agree with lethal rb it looks shmikd out man

JETVLC 21-12-05 17:51

i agree with tim n lthlrb its farkin miNt

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