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sle1982 19-10-14 04:55

VS V8 Front brake caliper onto Early commodore
hi all. Thinking of using the front brakes off a vs v8 ute.
Heard they are the same as vl turbo.

For the caliper to go onto a early commodore, do i have to keep anything other then the caliper/disc of the vs?
The mrs is onto me about tidying the place up.
i wont to get rid of the struts, are the hubs usable in the conversion?

Boyracer 21-10-14 18:54

The calipers will bolt up, not sure if VS discs are the same as VN-VP as thats what you need, you might need a better brake booster.
Yes it is the same brake as VLT.

sle1982 21-10-14 21:48

thanks for the reply. I ended up throwing the rotors out with the struts as they were old & worn. I grabed the booster off the doner car aswell

SIroller 22-10-14 10:10

i think calipers, brackets, discs and maybe backings.

brake hoses too?

the std vl turbo uses a 1" master boster so you'd need that (assuming you have rear disc) to be legal.

theres a tech thread on VS / VT booster upgrades.

sle1982 26-10-14 08:51


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