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shred 03-09-04 19:37

just saw 2angry out at terrigal man that car is a freaking beast
i was so busy drooling i had a pile of cars lined up behind me hehe
anyone know what v8 is under the bonnet an what size supercharger it uses

man that car has BLING BLING written all over it

bling bling bling bling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Psi_Wagon 03-09-04 20:39

hahaha i love this car!!!! dont quote me on this but i think its a carby 304, with a 761 charger on it....... effing nice!


furryfrog 03-09-04 20:51

terrigal is ****en sick, all the people i know up there just drink and smoke. nothing else to do haha.

btw nice car :p

white_vl_bt1 03-09-04 21:44

there isnt enough old school v8 vls like that. Mad!

ERO30T 04-09-04 13:24

looks awesome dont see many blowers coming outa scoupes like that! Went on a crospy cream crise ages ago it was b4 he had the blower and he was with another black walky v8 with the plates WALKIE think thats how it was spelt mad seeing both of em

revelry 04-09-04 13:52

sexy sexy 304 calais with group A (i presume?) kit + supercharger. what could be better?

GMH-GEM 04-09-04 16:53

its injected isnt it?
its a 671 blower

OldGold 04-09-04 16:54



HDTCAL 04-09-04 17:23

Very nice machine;) Looks very tough! What HP it putting out anyone?

NVL30T 05-09-04 12:48

maybe its a walkie with calais headlights..

barto_85 05-09-04 12:53

that is an awesome looking machine.

VLegend 05-09-04 15:05

The owner of this car used to own a black VK with the number plates STR8AZ. It featured on one of the street commodores videos. After summernats 16 the vk was stolen (hence the numberplates) and this is his next car.

Tuff looking machine i must say.....

WhiteBT1 06-09-04 11:38

Extremely tough car with a great paint job. I believe that TM Motorsports did a lot of the engine work and the Rust & Panel shop up here on the coast did the paint work. Funny thing is that I've seen it parked in the local shopping center but if you even thought twice about touching it well lets just say "What shoe size do you wear becasue there will be a set of concrete boots made up to your size straight away." It's a shame that STR8AZ was stolen because that was also the sh*t and sounded insane.
PS STR8AZ was stolen along with the tilt tray it was on from his driveway. They must have followed him up from Eastern Creek on a wednesday night.

Sinister 06-09-04 11:43

i loved his vk but his new vl ****s on it, he's came back with vengeance and that has to be in the top 3 vls ive ever seen, loooooove it!

shred 06-09-04 17:25

white bt1 were u aout at the skillion on friday night by any chance?

NVL30T 06-09-04 20:20

Theres a VK round here that I've seen a few times, and been at the same party a couple of times, with the plates STR8AS (with an S not a Z)

white one.

WhiteBT1 06-09-04 23:37

Shred , I might have cut a lap on my way home from work just to see what cars were about. Saw a nice VL V8 with gauges on the bonnet on sunday afternoon and a couple of other VLT getting around. You weren't one of them were you?

DA HOON 07-09-04 14:48

the car was owned by a paint and panel shop owner a while back and had the plates DAB11T, was black, inj 5L, th700, 17" clubby rims and the kit... Brendan scored the car off them and has gone ballistic on it! hehehe

not sure how spot on my info is but thats what ive been told...


shred 07-09-04 15:56

white bt1 yeh i spent friday night out cruising round the coast
i pulled out in front of a white vl at teh skillion on friday night
yeh saw a large number of vls out on the w/e seemed to be busy considering the ****ty weather
ive got a black exec with 17s lived on the coast just over 30 years :)

ITSGMH 07-09-04 16:14

from the size of the hat it looks to be an Enderlee Bug Catcher running mechanical injection sitting atop a 6/71 atop I'd say a 304 or stroker!!!

alot of guesses there!

trypsi 07-09-04 18:04

this car crossed infront of me on sunday on my way back from newcastle.btw it sounds oh so angry much more so than my six turbo.

087-GMH 11-09-04 20:06

That is one nice VL V8 2ANGRY :D :D

VLT_RB30 11-09-04 20:21

Imagine this pullin up next to ya at the lights.

I'd be trying to melt into my seat.....

BOB18U 05-01-13 15:14

Brendan isn't real happy right now.
The car is totaled. Got rear ended outside epic about noon today by a territory.
I felt sick looking at the car. Lucky no one was in the back seat.

Hopefully he can salvage the running gear and make something out of it.

86SLVLT 05-01-13 15:37


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