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Wagonz 15-01-13 19:37

MSD 6530 Problems
Hi I have just installed a 6530 to my patrol RB30, with the standard distributor. The white wire is connected to the trigger and it is running.

The problem is it stalls with no trigger source under about 1800rpm.
I have no idea what it could be.

It is running Gas research gear also.

bachig24u 17-01-13 09:27

post a picture of the programmed timing curve.

when you say it stalls with no trigger source, are you talking about the gas system or the MSD error?

Wagonz 17-01-13 17:01

I have just zeroed the timing map atm.
With the laptop hooked up to the MSD the status as soon as it cuts out changes to None.

If I crank it over with no throttle it will fire a few times then cut out, if I use throttle it runs fine over 2000rpm.

It ran fine with the standard ignition before hand, only thing thats changed is the MSD.

bachig24u 17-01-13 18:31

what coil are you using with MSD?

---------- Post added 18-01-13 at 07:43 ----------

just another thought, the MSD maybe loading the low voltage dizzy signal.

did you connect to the dizzy plug using the msd white/blue? personally I think not a great idea as it may affect ecu (but shouldn't).
Test it off the RPM test point in the engine wiring harness using the msd white wire.
or connect the msd white wire to the standard dash tacho input.

Wagonz 18-01-13 09:03

Msd blaster coil, connected to the dizzy with the white wire (white for points)
I haven't connected the tacho atm.

lee187 18-01-13 21:24

Hey mate,

I'm having a similar problem but mines cutting out randomly as soon as I take off. It cuts out and and needs to sit for a while before she kicks again, it's similar to a cas playing up but I don't have one.
I'm running rb30t straight gas with an msd, I've now traced it back to the pickup in the dizzy which isn't throwing spark sometimes. I'm gonna try put in an msd pickup tomorrow and see if it fixes the problem, I'll let u know if it does the trick.

Wagonz 19-01-13 00:38

Ok awesome, I have been thinking the same thing and was wondering if there is a pickup that fits easily?
If so I will be been to get one.

bachig24u 19-01-13 10:32


Originally Posted by Wagonz (Post 2989504)
Msd blaster coil, connected to the dizzy with the white wire (white for points)
I haven't connected the tacho atm.

There isn't a pin on the 4-pin dizzy plug that the msd white wire can get enough voltage from. unless you are using a connection point from the dizzy transistor... different story.

if connecting to the dizzy (4-pin plug) use the msd white/blue instead.

The average output from the optical sensor in the dizzy is around 1.5volts.

Wagonz 19-01-13 13:28

I am using the patrol distributor which is a 3 pin, magnetic pickup i think.
I also have a efi distributor with 4pin CAS I wasn't sure if the optical sensor would work with the msd? I can try it.

---------- Post added 19-01-13 at 16:43 ----------

I tried with the optical sensor and it runs connected to the pulse.
But I'm not sure about the timing as it reads advanced on the timing light, then when revved slightly at idle it will read around 30'

I plotted a boost retard of 15', and it seems to run fine

bachig24u 19-01-13 20:42

sorry, I assumed you were using the 4-pin dizzy to start with.

Wagonz 09-03-13 07:39

The car has been running for a couple months now It does not spark at all.
The msd trigger wire is receiving a signal from the cas, but it doesn't show a trigger on the software. Sometimes if I stop cranking it will trigger once.
Code 2 (low voltage) is flashing on the LED but it is getting 11.5 when cranking
Must be a problem in the MSD

simmo4by 02-07-13 09:24

Mate I had the same problem with my rb30 patrol. I found it was the earth lead had corroded causing a voltage drop to the msd unit. Check your voltage at the battery whilst cranking. The msd units will operate in the 10v-18v range. Mine was dropping as low as 6v while cranking not providing enough power to the msd or dizzy pickup. New strap and all is sweet. Have you tried roll starting?

MrSquigle 02-07-13 10:57

have you set the trigger signal in the ECU to +VE

also, what ECU? im pretty sure the MSD signal wire should be connected to the ECU not the CAS?

simmo4by 02-07-13 11:58

No ECU buddy.

MrSquigle 02-07-13 12:18


Originally Posted by simmo4by (Post 3019858)
No ECU buddy.

I made an assumption.. sorry cant help.

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