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Aldawy 04-08-13 17:15

In the shed
Make / Model:Calais
Colour:red / black
Bodykit: not yet
Engine Type: RB25DET
Engine Mods:standard
Power: how fast can you push
Exhaust: dump pipe
Gearbox: nothing yet
Diff: Borg Warner
Brakes: vt front / standard rear
Suspension: standard
Wheels/Tyres: 15 interceptors
Interior: don't know yet
Stereo: in boxes waiting to go in

Other Mods: mini tubs

Future mods: ANYTHING & EVERYTHING :eek:

This is my vn Calais ,it's a extremely slow build but I'll get there one day.
I've decided to change it to a vp Calais because I like it better.

The car will be getting painted red over black/charcoal with new rubbers , lights & Crome strips. The interior will be custom ,so far I have a statesman dash (vr/vs), r34 gtr style seats for the front & the back will be shaped to match.
The engine will be full of performance parts in & out. I'm planing on doing it manual ,but I mite change my mind. The diff will be the Borg Warner (gears, bigger axles, floater hubs, shortened)

This is what else I got planned for the car:
Air suspension
Show wheels (20x7.5 front / 20x10.5 rear)
Mini tubs
Custom engine bay & under the car
Vp ss bottom lips

That all I'm telling for now.
This is what the car looks like now,


Aldawy 06-08-13 17:00

MUS 13-08-13 04:23

You didnt buy this car off a bloke in millpark did you?
Looking forward to the build, exciting!

Aldawy 13-08-13 07:16

because the same bloke owns it
hi mus , ill give you a ring later today
I wasn't shore if it was you or a different mus

MUS 13-08-13 20:55

Eiiiii Slav how are ya man? Sorry I missed your call bro. What's been happening? The never ending rb25 build lol good stuff. Love this car. And you forgot to mention its kandy red!

Aldawy 19-08-13 16:36

Picked up a vt brake booster & master cylinder last week. Started modifying a spare bracket I had so i can mont it in the bay
I'm also doing my tubs as well. A 275 tyre fits with plenty of room left, I mite be able to fit a 295 if I'm lucky
I'll put some pics up when I've done a bit more work

Aldawy 30-08-13 18:35

these are the wheels I want to get when I get some cash together

Aldawy 08-09-13 16:32

out with the old &in with the new

booster all monted

Aldawy 10-09-13 15:14

Does anyone know any info about the RE4RO3A automatic (300zx z32 / Nissan patrol)

Websites, performance parts (deep pans, trans brakes, internals .....)

Anything would be helpful

CHRGD6 10-09-13 16:01

Sweet build man

Aldawy 10-09-13 16:59


Originally Posted by CHRGD6 (Post 3028691)
Sweet build man

Same goes with yours,

Aldawy 23-05-14 16:31

Wasn't happy with the first tubs, so I started again

also started my custom intake manifold

Also got a auto for the car, just have to make an adapter plate for my bellhousing

Aldawy 25-05-14 11:58

This is how my custom intake manifold looks so far

Aldawy 26-09-14 17:19

Picked up a powerglide & 9inch the other week
Both need a rebuild though

Time to build it once & build it right

MUS 26-09-14 22:06

Looking good bro.

Aldawy 05-12-14 05:46

I've decided to sell the car. If anyone is interested message me with your number & ill call you back with info about the car

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