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vanstrien 01-05-13 20:50

Powerplay 18th may
Hey guys and girl lol anyone going sat in a few weeks?
i got no et streets just light truck tyres for this one, should be interesting in the off street drags lol

InsaneVL 02-05-13 16:54

I have prepaid, and have a Garage...

Just gotta get the VL ready (which really doesn't need much - just a quick check up on the gearbox, some new tyres, wheel alignment, some fuel and sort a trailer out)... but currently have more important things to sort out. If I can get everything done in time, i'll be there - probably frying some 205 15's along side vanstrien (although, probably not as much smoke as him.. lol)

sherman89 02-05-13 17:21

I paid entry a while ago but not sure if ill go or not. Ill wait and see how the weather looks.

InsaneVL 02-05-13 18:01

If it rains, i'll still go out and be a wet weather hero... see how many times I can get bogged on the infield after spinning out.. lol...

vanstrien 06-05-13 19:39

nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom light truck tyres for lunch

MAX PSI 06-05-13 21:29

ive entered and got garage,car just a look over and im ready for some fun :)

mIsS VL 15-05-13 10:50

Thanks for the female acknowledgement Scotty!! Haha :)

Unless it was directed at one of the other handful of girls on here *cough*

I wont make it, but hopefully PC this year haha

InsaneVL 10-07-13 23:56

I finally got off my butt and put together some of the GoPro footage I got in May PowerPlay.

calais25t 12-07-13 07:42

Nice vid. Looks like your cars going well :) How much power did you have there in May?

InsaneVL 12-07-13 22:59


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