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Sin 01-01-04 06:42

Bt1's have some what of a cult status these days, you either love them or hate them. Russell's example is one of the cleanest around.

When Russell purchased his original Bt1, it came with interceptors, and that was about it.

The car has seen some changes since purchase, starting with the engine. Air gets sucked in through a K+N pod filter and the gases exit through a full 3" mandrel bent exhaust.

The car has a Boost tap hooked up and runs 10psi extremely well and doesn't miss a beat.

Monitoring the boost is a 20 psi Speco boost gauge mounted on the side of the dash which is in view at all times.

Also on the inside is a full series 2 calais interior which is an improvement on the optioned interior.

The stereo consists of a Pioneer MP3 player with Kenwood 7x10 speakers which provide some rear fill, and up front is a set of 4" clarion 2 ways. If thats not enough, then in the boot is two Clarion 12" subs in a dual box.

While the inside is great for cruising and the engine has a few mods to keep Russell happy for now, his attention was turned to the outside, where he decided a respray in the same color (of course) was on the cards and I'm sure you'll agree the finished product is awesome.

A set of VX SS 17's were added, along with a Calais back to help turn heads.

Next mod will be a cooler. Russell is chasing an AVO stage 2 so if you know of one for sale contact him at - HOTBT1.

(c) 2003 Edited by Whitemagic. Pics and info by Russell.

Update 12/03

Russell has now installed the cooler he was after, a AVO Stage 2 intercooler. The car is now running at 13.5 psi and has made 179.8rwKw on the AVO Dyno. Next on the lsit of mods for HOTBT-1 is some bigger injectors and an aftermarket computer.

Spike 19-01-04 22:17

That has got to be one of the nicest yellow bt1's I've seen... :cool:

CHAYSR 24-01-04 13:59

Hey nice intercooler!! Where did you get it????


087-GMH 25-01-04 22:43

:D Thats a Clean sexy VL , Luv the BT1's Yellow!!! :D

HOTBT1 29-05-04 10:08

My car has been SOLD sadly ;( not too long ago. and now is CRZBT1

CHAYSR 31-05-04 13:30

I wish I knew it was for sale Russell.... :(

Would have happily bought it!!

Is the new owner off these forums??

HRT6 01-06-04 19:45

HotBt1 Is my numberplates


HOTBT1 02-06-04 17:05

you must have bought them like a month or so ago. I was going to buy them agggesss ago. but sold it anyway.. hahhaa

CalaisT3RBO 02-06-04 21:12

Very nice car. If I ever get rid of the GTR and go back to VL turbos. this is what im getting!! nice work

Walky 22-11-04 21:54

hey, hot bt1, what springs did you have in there? sits at a nice height...

HOTBT1 27-11-04 11:40


Originally Posted by Walky
hey, hot bt1, what springs did you have in there? sits at a nice height...

The top pic was cut springs. The other pics with the even height, I am not too sure. My friend put them in who I bought them from. I know they were Pedders though.

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