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Kurupt 03-08-04 15:37

Commodore Club Cruise Sat 28th Aug
Hey Guys and Girls,

I'ts Been a while.. but its time for another CCC Open... hopefully, well we can pray.. that the rain stays away for a nite.. as our last few Opens have been rained on.. but you have all managed to make an effort to attend.. so with abit of luck.. it will be a Dry nite and we can do what we do best here at CCC.. Cruise!!!... so spread the word and lets get everyone out there for a big nite in to ALL cars.. and with abit of luck.. i may debut my 355

Date: Saturday 28th August
Time: 8:30pm for a 9:30pm departure
Location: Park & Ride Carpark Doncaster, Map ref. 46 K1
Click Here for Forum Link

Don't forget Gold Coin donation for the map, stickers will be on sale!!!

Hope to see you all there!

sikcalais 03-08-04 19:07

what are you posting opens up for jamie, you think your cool now or somethen? lol, and whats this "i may debut my 355"? what ya mean man

i might be there!!!

HSVQUE 03-08-04 19:11

The guy who originally posted that post is building a 355.. :)

sikcalais 03-08-04 21:20

you sure man thats jamie his a mate of mine, he hasnt said nothen to me about building a 355, if he is then wicked

sikcalais 03-08-04 21:24

aahhh think i just got it, jamie cut n pasted it? if so sorry

HSVQUE 03-08-04 23:10

Thats it dude :)
you got it

sikcalais 04-08-04 07:18

sweet sorry man

Kurupt 04-08-04 09:48

haha steve u tripper, i just cut n pasted it, kendrick (jason) is the one with the 355...

[URHYNS] 10-08-04 15:19

lol u guys are all trippers... make me laugh....

PSI250 10-08-04 20:33

I'm my cars back on the road i might take it down

[URHYNS] 11-08-04 11:02

i got work till 12.... where u guys cruisin to? i'll meet u somewhere???? anywhere near eltham?

Kurupt 11-08-04 13:14

dunno , its always a suprise until you get to doncaster and get a map

VK_308 11-08-04 16:30

should be alrite cruise and u guys are trippers

trbo2b 13-08-04 21:12

yeh this crusie sounds like its gonna be big from reading all the psost from everyones forums,be great to see all the calais turbos out there or anything holden aye!!!ill be in a litlle gemini wagon but the stereos pretty sweet and its dumped and its gettin a pearl on it soon anyways cyas all there,

quikvl 13-08-04 22:09

Yeah i will be going too and dragin some other cars and people up from down here, trbo2b made me come ;)
How many other people are going we should try to get lots of CT people to go and all make a lil group. QUIKVL

Brent 17-08-04 09:32

il be there TOYVLT, and will be bringing others, best cruises going, these cc cruises if anyone on this forum hasnt been to one, they should consider going, they get pretty big, even when the weather is bad, last one it was raining, bummer, but still there was 100+ people there

REVENU 17-08-04 12:36

well sounds like this ones gonna be big! I aint been cruisin for a while so i just mite have to make it to this one. I mite come as a loner so dont be shy to come an talk some krap to me!

wagon01 17-08-04 18:22

im going to be thier hopefully with a suprise!

quikvl 22-08-04 20:28

a kinder surprise, there cool.
does anybody have a lil clue where this cruz will be going, and when do they normaly finish.

HSVQUE 23-08-04 07:56

I should have my car back so ill be around..

Look for a Ice Blue calais turbo with Hubcaps and a white JPC sticker on the back :)

Brent 24-08-04 16:35

ive been to a few they
usually heads/stops at
Nunawading maccas-
stud park-

quikvl 24-08-04 21:58

oh nice frankston finish would be nice. i live 5 min away.
how long they go for.

HSVQUE 25-08-04 15:47

They go untill pretty damn late.. but it all depends really.. coz sometimes once its all over a few people go out and have some races.. i usally goto the 1st meet point check out the cars cruise to the 2nd meet point then go off to the City, St Kilda etc just depends how it all goes.


Kurupt 25-08-04 16:09

racing *cough* we dont *COUGH* race...

white_vl_bt1 27-08-04 10:54

i should be there if the cars is finished

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