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sik208 17-03-12 12:32

200rwkw 304 n/a help
want to make 200rwkw out of a 304 in a vp senator,

diff has been rebuilt with 3:45 gears lsd,

turbo 700, stage 1 shift kit, hi energy 3-4 clutch pack 7 plates,
corvette servo, hi energy wide 2-4 band, brute sunshell, non lock-up plate valve, 2500 stall converter

i already have a cam crane 272 solid an solid lifters, i was thinking, adjustable roller rockers, bigger throddle body, either av gas or e85 fuel, an remapped computer, would this push the power out to 200rwkw ?

or any more advice to make it to this power, keep in mind i want to keep the standard looking appearence of the motor,

mulkers 17-03-12 17:48

The combination of the banana manifold, low compression and standard stroke mean you will most likely not be able to acheive that power NA

NASTY1 17-03-12 18:37

yeah not likely.i doubt you would see many 355s with the bananas make that let alone a 304

mulkers 18-03-12 23:04

The banana manifold gives you great low down torque, but limits airflow and torque higher up in the rev range.

It would be possible with a stroker, if you wanted to keep it naturally aspirated, but not 304

joe185i 18-03-12 23:26

You need to port your heads and do a manifold. Either victor jnr carby style or a come racing/flowcraft/group a twin manifold

ijd 19-03-12 00:16

One of these manifolds & it looks stock.

sik208 22-03-12 19:23

going for a standard rebuild with flat tops, no porting to the heads but new springs, vavles etc,
e85 fuel with fuel pump an surge tank, an a starr performance manifold, will be over 200rwkw ?

Epitaph 23-03-12 10:30

what cam?

I had 304, 10:1 comp, cleaned up heads, small wade solid cam, rollers, Wolf EMS, ported standard manifold.. went 188rwkw through a 5 spd and 9 inch.

TUXEDO 23-03-12 11:56

Put an LS1 in it.

HK_LS1 24-03-12 22:41

solid cam, roller rockers
ported and decked heads, valve springs
harrop hi-rise manifold or twin throtts

a manual box.

would be pretty close....

sik208 25-03-12 11:13

i would rather walk around than drive a ls1 ! ,
want to keep the standard look

mulkers 25-03-12 13:20

The thing with going solid is that driveability and economy goes out the window.

Changing from the standard manifold, the same problems happen, as well as it being very obvious to police, so taking advantage of the standard banana manifold is the best place to start.

Vavletrain is the expensive bit.

I have a couple of thousand dollars worth of holden v8 valvetrain sitting in my cupboard.

Stick to small torquey cam; under .500" lift, so you don't need roller rockers, pushrods, guide plates etc.

Keep it around 218* duration @ .050", so as not to out-breathe the standard manifold.

Assuming you already have a good exhuast and gearbox. If not, do those things first. Twin 2.5", and a built auto or healthy manual with a good organic clutch.

So something like this:

LT1 Valve springs, new collets and retainers: $ 188

Gasket set $ 130

Clean up around throats and bowls with die grinder (aka 'street port') $ Free if you have a die grinder and patience

Match port manifolds to heads $ Free if you have a die grinder and patience

Lifters $ 90

Cam - 214/222 split duration cam, 112 lsa, .490"/.500" lift, something like those specs: The Wade 1522C1536B $ 220

Double row timing chain $ 160

Reconditioned blue top injectors $170


"Holden V8 355ci forged piston stroker kit, "I" beam 4340 steel con rods, nodular cast crank fully balanced assembly, Probe forged pistons (several compression ratio choices), rod and main bearings, moly piston rings...$2200.00 delivered in Australia." - Come Racing or similar

Tune, machining and assembly depends on your own skills and connections.

If you can't do any of it, you're looking at about $3000 for the parts you cant do.

There is also consumables, like 15-20 litres of oil + filters, break in lube etc.

Total cost ~ $ 3200 if you already have a good exhaust, gearbox, and other serviceable items like distributor, fuel pump etc. and can do the machining, assembly and tuning yourself.

The result:


standard looking engine except for exhaust, lopey idle, and stall converter (if auto, dont waste money on anything bigger than a standard one reco'd to ~ 2200rpm, or you'll go slower, and waste the torque available.)

A car that will easily run 12's all day on pump fuel (92 unleaded if you wish)

Will be very difficult for the jacks to pin, as the exhaust is the only non standard item visible.

Massive driveability

Retain reasonable economy by using less revs.

Tell people it just has a small cam

Enjoy cheap plentiful holden v8 parts

etc, etc.

Assuming you can't do any of it yourself, and your car is standard; $6000-7000 for engine, machining, assembly and tuning, $2000 for gearbox and stall converter, $1000 for a good twin 2.5" exhaust Brings total up to $9000-10,000, if you can't do any of the work yourself, and don't already have a good gearbox, exhaust and other items to start with.

sik208 25-03-12 13:48

definatly not stroking it,

mulkers 25-03-12 16:52

Good luck then

NASTY1 25-03-12 19:09

Yea its going to be very hard

mulkers 25-03-12 21:14

Standard stroke
Standard manifold
Standard aspiration
Standard power

Epitaph 26-03-12 07:48


PROGMH 27-03-12 07:05


Originally Posted by sik208 (Post 2906779)
i would rather walk around than drive a ls1 ! ,
want to keep the standard look

A standard LS1 will mop what you're trying to achieve by spending thousands on a rebuild.

sik208 27-03-12 17:03

standard rebuild, harrop hi rise, meth, 288 solid cam valves springs roller rockers, 244rwkw a member on here made

NVAOVR 27-03-12 17:48

hi mate,

i just sold my old 304, i had 10.5 comp, camtech solid(similar to crane 280), port n polished heads, bigger valves, roller rockers, low rise dual plane torquepower manifold with 1000cfm t/b, with build t700, made 215rwkw on bp ultimate straight out of the pump. with a high rise maifold, caould have made close to 220-230. and was still drove like normal.

mulkers 27-03-12 17:54


Originally Posted by sik208 (Post 2907719)
standard rebuild, harrop hi rise, meth, 288 solid cam valves springs roller rockers, 244rwkw a member on here made

:confused: Are you saying you'd rather be on meth than stroke it?

Have you had cars with solid cams before?

A single plane manifold is contradictory to your previous requirements, as well as the economy/roadworthy issue.

NASTY1 27-03-12 20:04

for little extra you surely would stroke it?

with the combo you have said you will need some compression in the engine and also flat tops etc...........10k easy with what you have listed.

Epitaph 28-03-12 07:21

he's stroking it alright...

Darren L 15-05-12 22:07

it's certainly not out of the question, but I doubt very much you'll do it with the factory manifold - maybe the Starr/JHP 90mm TB modified bananas might do it - not sure ??
My 304 combo made 186rwkw with the factory manifold. After fitting the Trickshift TTB, it increased to 205rwkw

standard stroke
standard reco heads
ACL flat tops
227 duration, 113 LSA Crow Cam, Crow valve springs to match
Trickshift TTB intake
Bosch 044 & 42lb injectors
Kalmaker SP3 ECU
roller rockers

T5 gearbox, 3.08 diff. Great street manners, idles at 750-800rpm, 10L/100km on the highway

mulkers 15-05-12 23:38

The thing is though that to balance the standard assembly, if you need to get your rods resized, or if any of them are too far gone, the stroker is actually a cheaper option.

most good stroker kits come already balanced, and with the most of the things you need to do the rebuild anyway.

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