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Katsa 16-09-18 18:57

Restoring turbo hubcaps
Has anyone restored turbo hubcaps?
How did you paint the black in the Holden writing and emblem and the circle Allen key bolt looking things around the hubcap?

satansLBO 17-09-18 23:13

Hi Bud

When my mate did mine he had some interesting techniques.

He sprayed the round allen key bolts first gloss black - 2 coats. There was overspray naturally, but he had a few neat tricks.

He then covered the allen key bolts with cuts of 10mm pvc garden hose and masked then ends off. With these covered he could spray the MX grey or asteroid silver over the top without messing up the nice gloss black bolts.

He left about 1mm of the bottom of the bolt revealed so that the MX grey or asteroid silver spray would be even right up to the bolt.

Finally the best trick I saw was after the red holden / lion was done first. Carefully paint in the holden / lion logo with a red or black paint with a fine brush or cotton bud stick. He did it will the paint was coagulating and setting off - so it was quite thick. Also 2 coats on the logo

Once it the logo was fully painted internally and dry, we carefully pasted vasoline or petroleum jelly into the logo, and wipe off the excess with a cotton bud stick.

Once this was done he sprayed about 8 coats of MX grey or asteroid silver onto the well wet and dried face of the hub cap.

The time he put into these hub caps made them was astonishing. Probably made them worth $1000+ just for his labour and patience.

satansLBO 17-09-18 23:34

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heres a pic

12maneym 18-09-18 12:20

i 2 pakd mine then got model car enamel black and brushed the writing and rivets.

Katsa 18-09-18 19:34


Originally Posted by satansLBO (Post 3077023)
heres a pic

Wow the came up fantastic!

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Originally Posted by 12maneym (Post 3077025)
i 2 pakd mine then got model car enamel black and brushed the writing and rivets.

I did something similar, my brush skills are shtihouse!

deanoVLCT 18-09-18 23:15

I’ve got a headache satan

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Drop one off Chris
I’m waiting brother

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