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86whiteb1 02-04-15 18:29

Easter car mania. Who's going?
Hey people's,
Anyone taking there pride and joys?
First time going to any event like this since easternats since it was at sandown.
Look forward to seeing the vl's.


Morgz 02-04-15 19:04

shattered I'm working, as my car will be tuned and ready to go!

86whiteb1 03-04-15 09:37

Hey morgz! How much is she pushing nowadays? Last time I was in her was when I bought your 35/40.

Morgz 03-04-15 17:56

Went to the 42 and made 383rwkw on 98, now on E85 with a GT35 1.06 with a 68mm TO4Z billet wheel in it, to be tuned Monday! :D

86whiteb1 03-04-15 21:19

You will probably make the same power with the right tune and psi. Seen some guys getting close to 400 at the rears with the modded 35/40s. Especially on e85. Sky's the limit on that stuff haha

Morgz 04-04-15 07:48

Yeah Shaun from here made 445rwkw on 31psi with one on E85 - so they can work very well. I found I had a lot of top end with the 42 and no midrange or torque - but it was a mismatch of parts ie: 42 with tx2 with 5200 stall. I'm happy with the power my car was making - 380rwkw is enough to grab a high 9 and trap 135mph+ in street trim. So if I can manage that with the 3540 id be very happy, as even untuned it's pulling from low rpm and just smashing the tyres hard whenever it comes near making boost.

86whiteb1 05-04-15 17:08

Haha sounds fun did you need to change much in your system for e85?

Morgz 11-04-15 09:47

yeah, I went to the ID2000s over the ID1000s and they sit at 80% making 600rwhp on E85 @ 31psi. My 1400hp Holley Dominator pump is nearing max flow on E85.

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