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Sin 02-01-04 04:07

ULOOKD - Dave's VL Turbo

This spectatular looking VL is owned by Dave, and has progressed from a standard naturally aspirated 6cyl VL Berlina into the Calais Aero turbo you see here today in just under two years. The only modification done to the car when it was purchased was a 14" Go-Kart steering wheel, and a set of 15" VR Berlina wheels.

Dave had thought to himself, "I finally had a VL" (as his previous car was a Camira), and he was happy (as you would be). All he wanted to do then was put some 17" Clubby's on it, and crank the tunes. But since then, he's come to realise that she's like a woman, if you treat her well, and look after her, she'll return your favour. So... he decided to do a few extra mods.

The first mod Dave did was to get rid of those VR Berlina wheels, and put on something a bit more eye-catching. He decided not to buy Clubbys, as it seemed every man and his dog had them on his Commodore. So he decided to opt for a set of 17" 5 spoke AME Rims with Falken 235/45/17 inch tyres. Dropping the ride height was just as important, so Pedders GSR Springs and shocks were installed.

Dave drove around like this for a year or so, but started to feel that it was missing something. It had the wheels, the stereo, and it was very reliable. It just wasn't anything special! But then one lucky Thursday morning during his weekly shuffle through the Melbourne Trading Post, he came across an ad for parts of a VL AERO kit for sale. The guy was selling a rear bumper and both side skirts for $400. Dave figured the price could be bargained with so he headed down to check out this AERO kit that was for sale. But when he arrived, the seller had the kit laid out on his front lawn, and it wasn't just the rear bumper and skirts. It was the complete kit: front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts, all four door panels, the Director A Pillars covers, and the 3 piece tail light that covers the rear window! He was stocked (as you would be)! He was selling it because he couldn't get it to fit on his VN. Hmm... wonder why?? An added bonus was that it was all Genuine HDT parts.

Dave snapped up the pieces for the kit straight away, as he had seen a kit like this before on a Purple VL in Street Commodores, and I thought it looked awesome the first time he saw it. The only other parts left to buy were the Group A grille, and the LE rear spoiler.

So now it was a decision on where to go from here. Dave decided to get the kit resprayed the same colour as the car and then bolt it on. But it wasn't as simple as that. Many hours had to be spent by Mario and his team at his Autotechnique workshop fitting, and re-moulding the kit, as they're one of the hardest and most time consuming kits to fit.

As the kit was being fitted, Dave's thoughts changed on what he was going to do about the spray painting of the kit, and so he decided to get the whole car re-sprayed as well as the kit. Finally, the kit fitted nice and snug without any gaps in between the fibreglass and the panels. It was then all removed, and the car and the kit were taken down to the spray painters for a nice new coat of fresh paint. At about that time, Nissan had just released their new model S15 200SX. After seeing one fly past him one day, Dave thought to himself that that colour would look nuts on a VL. His mind was made up. Everything was to be sprayed in the Nissan 200SX Brilliant Blue.

The car and the kit got painted separately, and this took about six weeks before he even got to see it again - bloody panel beaters! All the door locks and boot lock were removed as these VL's aren't the hardest things to break into. The kit was then fitted up again, and the whole car was put back together. Came up at treat!

All Dave had to do now was crank up the tunes in the VL. Most of the stereo gear was taken from the old Camira and put into the Aero. The head unit is a JVC Kamelion CD Deck. This sends a signal to a Soundstream Reference 405 6-channel amp, which drives the entire system. He has Focal splits at the front, and Cerwin Vega 6x9's at the back. In the boot is 2x12" Dual Voice coil Soundstream SPL12 subs in a sealed enclosure. Dave designed the layout of the boot as money was a bit tight at that point in time.

The wood for the boot was bought from Bunnings for $40, and the white vinyl was bought from Lincraft for $30. Dave cut all the wood at home and put the whole boot together in his spare time. The only thing that he couldn't do was cut the Perspex that sits over the amp. This was taken down to the etchers and cut there, and that was the most expensive part. Dave also decided to run four fans on each side of the amp to keep the airflow around the amp running cool. So, the whole boot layout cost just under $250 to get it looking like it does, which is pretty damn good!

What this car first looked like!

Dave's VL now had that feel of being something special. He had found the piece that was missing to make it something different, and was pretty damn happy. It was driven every day to and from work. But after a few months, he soon came to realise that the VL needed some Go to back up the Show. To his luck, not long ago, a good mate of his Alex had an unfortunate incident of having his VL TURBO written off. Right then, he decided to keep the car and buy the complete wreck of his Calais Turbo.

Both cars were then taken back to Autotechnique, and everything was taken out of the Calais and put into and onto the Berlina. The turbo motor, computer, driveline, transmission, exhaust, series II interior, dash, rear tail lights, and of course... the pop-up headlights. Just recently, Dave sold the AME rims, and bought the chromed Clubbys that he has always wanted, and raised the boost to 10psi. The only thing left to do is wait for the available funds so that he can bolt on an intercooler and raise the boost even higher!

Good work mate.

(c) 2002 Written and pics by Dave. Edited by Sin

Spike 19-01-04 21:00

Nice looking ride... :cool:

Am I right and does this car have a new owner?

dceptv 09-02-04 13:08

this car was in street machines on the dyno...

Sweet lookin ride!

vlt-dreamer 10-02-04 10:50

yes car has a new owner, his mate jarrad bought it.

hes on these forums too.

fusion 17-07-04 16:31

1 Attachment(s)

fusion 17-07-04 16:32

1 Attachment(s)
boot is half finished.. hole to be cut in right half off boot fiberglass wall for chamelion green surge tank, pump, etc.

fusion 17-07-04 16:38


fusion 17-07-04 16:41

Spike 18-07-04 17:51


Originally Posted by fusion

Looks neat dude, keep up the good work :cool:

vlt-dreamer 19-07-04 08:20

boot looks great!

maybe some new plates - FUSION??? :)

666god 20-07-04 01:11

a third owner? did jarred end up selling it? coz i've noticed it's in queensland now? unless i'm behind and jarred is from qld? lol... i'm confused.

Gatecrasher 20-07-04 08:57

Yep - third owner.

The car got sold again and it's now moved onto it's third owner! It's not in Melb anymore which is a sad thing cuz I'd love to see it again.

How much do original Aero's go for these days? Would be great to build up another 'ULOOKD' but an original one!

Top effort fusion - she's looking great!

fusion 20-07-04 16:29

bout 28 000 for a genuine aero (roughly) but have fun finding one, ive seen more directors for sale than aeros.... tossin up weather to buy this too.. check it out...http://

vlt-dreamer 21-07-04 08:11

wrong link mate, heres the right one :)

Jarrad 22-07-04 00:05

fusion man you have no idea how much i miss that car i am selling my vs now because i wanna get another vl dude i miss them to much wait till you see my next ride guys and fusion i will cruze up to the gold coast mate and we will rock the town lol but if anyone nows anyone that wants a vs v8 for 14.000 call me on 0418634906 ok

Jarrad 22-07-04 00:14

you no mate that day you drove away from my home mate i was crying and ***ing was going to run after you and give you the cheque back lol

how funny was it when i took you for a drive lol man it was all over the joint drifting and **** lol and you go finaly someone that can drive lol

fusion 22-07-04 05:52

tru tru...that was a sweet anitial ride tho.. jump straight in start it up, drive round the corner.. driffin! ha ha...... nah, wait til u see the finished product man, cos some mad people workin on it, specially wen the boots finished i luv it.

OVL087 24-07-04 13:44

looking sweet fusion

saw it quickly at aspley last thurs , i got there just as u were leaving

Red RB30 Jet 24-07-04 18:24

Will you get the engine bay and door jambs painted to suit the exterior paint colour?

fusion 08-09-04 17:35

few upgrades to the vl now.....

in went the wolf 3d.. which is not yet tuned properly.. i couldnt wait long enuf to drive it... bosh 910 fuel pump with 1L surge tank an a vs fuel pump.

gtr injectors, pod filter, a few autometer guages, an a few other little things that i cant memba but yer... heres a few pics for now... in the next few months a few other mods will replace the stock ones... such as the hi mount manifold for a bigger to4 turbo... a r33 skyline 5 speed box to replace the dying auto... an a jpc cam...

heres the dyno reading on 12psi... still not yet tunes correctly... but hoping to get round 280hp on a bit higher psi wen they tune it up...

TREVA 08-09-04 20:08

lookin sweet dude :)
hav always loved this car

Manualvl 08-09-04 23:06

where you get the calais body kit from?i thought you could only get them custom..
and do the pop up are they copys or real 1s?

vstonv 15-09-04 17:05

nice car looks sweet as

251NFL 15-09-04 19:14

how much did that boost gauge set u back dude

missvlt11 17-09-04 10:39

From personal experience, this car is a "Rocket", one of the best looking VL'S i have layed my eyes on!! Keep ya EYES OPENED as this baby aint complete yet.!

Keep the mods cumin lukis..

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