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MONSTER 17-06-09 15:39

FS: Surge tank and Blow off valve

2nd hand, made another fuel system, so not needed anymore.

made by BTR fabrications

approx 1.5 - 2 litres in capacity

make me an offer.

turbosmart supersonic type 3 BOV
2nd hand slightly, i bought brand new and only used for 6 months, great condition.

Weezy 17-06-09 23:09

What type of sound does the pop off valve make? lool

MONSTER 25-06-09 23:43

comon! someone buy these from me.

XCHASE 14-08-09 02:29

All things for sale and wtb go in here! [SA users ONLY!]
Ok ive seen this idea on other sites and it seems to work really well.

If your looking to sell something locally only! or want to buy something post in here. Also Expressions of interest.

Try not to fowl up this section with chit chat. Be direct and to the point. Keep it clean and it will work in our favour!
Anything off topic will be deleted without notice.

Dont like peoples prices keep your mouths shut

As per the rules No. 5 do whats required.





By starting this thread it will not only help you to find something local but give you the opportunity not to have to bombard the for sale general section.
Which unfortunatly dosent have the best results.

XCHASE 25-08-09 22:00

Im lookin at selling my MX7 G/box 160k's Looking at expressions of interest.
Also for sale i have a Genuine VLT trans. Needs Reco. Slips. $400 ono
2 sets of front head lights and indercators $40 for 1 pair $20 for the other
1 overflow bottle better than avergage $25

PM is best way of comunication for me but heres my

Jeffo_vlt 25-08-09 23:03


Blue VL Steering Wheel.
Front Bumper Trim- The 3 bits between the bumper and headlight!


4x Calais Rims, 3 centre caps, 1 new tyre, the rest are shot.

Papas_08 25-08-09 23:23

Internationals For Sale
1 tyre 70%
3 tyres camber wear still can use tho :P
rims are mint got some light rash on 1 rim

XCHASE 25-08-09 23:23

As you may have seen. Im also looking for the following
Mint blue Vl steering wheel
16" Interceptors suit pre VE
Diff housing to suit VL or diff thats blown etc, Must be Borgie!
PM me Thanks Steve

Blink 25-08-09 23:48

I need a VL Radiator (VLT or V8 3 Core),

Has to be in great condition, with no leaks or issues at all.

Would prefer new if possible, was even considering a PWR Radiator.

If you have anything, let me know.


NJKTD-VL 26-08-09 11:17

eoi... VN 5ltr ex cop car. white duco, body is fairly clean, trans is in good nick, it has twin VT thrmos hooked up, s pack kit (i think) and some sort of vs front bar looks ok, mini spooled diff, no rear brakes at all and will come regoed as a 6 (currently no rego) got vq statesman front seats that need a clean. vs rear seat and vn berlina door trims. would suit burnout car 2200 ono if i decide to sell. in salisbury area, cheers.... mike 0401319444

NSNPWR 26-08-09 12:12

Ive got some odds and ends lying around....

2nd hand berlina garnish, good condition $25.
Standard VL T3 actuator $25.
Genuine VLT Charcoal Canister (has a broken vac line nipple) Offers.

Various sections of Silicone hosing, various VL badges, will check what I have tonight aswell and update.

Also stripping an N14 Pulsar SR20 'Q'...brief list of whats available:

-Koni Shocks and Whiteline springs
-Front Camber bolts
-Retrimmed door trims by Willshire Motor Trimmers (in Blue Suede).
-Front and Rear SSS/Q seats, mint.
-Tacho dash
-Instrument cluster surround (only 1 crack in it)
-SR20 with 160000kms, plus 5 speed with Extreme HD Clutch, all perfect.
-tail lights, most panels.....

U-want-it, U-Pull-It....

xctmnt8 26-08-09 14:09

I have some bits laying around...

Complete dash in a light cream, not sandalwood, looks to have been resprayed, pretty much in good nic as far as screw points go... make an offer


Complete set of Series 1 Calais door trims in beige, good nic overall. Fronts have speaker holes for splits etc. Make an offer

Can get pics if interested.

_Calturb 26-08-09 16:27

VLT std dump pipe, sprayed black $50. pm's

AERO88 26-08-09 16:31

Im looking for a set of grey vl berlina door trims, set of grey vl berlina or calais seats, and an aero front and rear bar, let me know what ya got,

pm me or 0439 527 866 :)

vltnitron 26-08-09 18:11

26 by 9 15" hoosier drag slicks half tread left. $200

NASTY1 26-08-09 19:17

calais internationals with 2 spare tyres.prob bout 60% tread on 4 but 2 have camber wear.other 2 spare tyres have at around 50% $750

efi vn vs v8 eng covers $50
efi v8 throtle body of vn ss $40
2 18 inch tyres with around at leadt 70% treadd $80
2 dark blue vh sle front seats good cond $50

also have i think one vr vs diff cradle with disks,axels etc etc no diff head i just want it gone

TUXEDO 26-08-09 22:06

- 3TA (turbo auto ECU) $150
- Super low Pedders rear springs suit VL and simillar $50
- VLT cross over pipe $50

PM Me, cheers.

NSNPWR 26-08-09 22:24

This thread is WIN!

To those that asked about the badges, I need to dig them out, theyre in a bag....somewhere....will advise what I have once I find it....

Pretty sure I have a GM Berlina and Red Turbo lion nose cone badge.....

XCHASE 26-08-09 22:30

Glad you like it. Think its working already.
Hey guys dont want to me a Mod but how bout some details to contact. Personally im all for PM's but most of the SA group has one anothers dets.
Guess we'll see if its required when a Mod strolls thru.

DUZ18S 27-08-09 00:08

WTD- 17inch tyres with good tread. Preferably 225 or 235. I have 2 bridgestone 18's with good tread for sale or part swap too

pm or 0424 286 404


vlwagz 27-08-09 08:15

im still looking for a good condition beige steering wheel

Dazza102 27-08-09 10:25

Last chance for this thread, don't ask questions in the thread... ask via pm.

Next time this thread goes in the bin...

AERO88 27-08-09 17:26

PS3 console with 10 games, pm me or 043 9527 866

abrowne70 27-08-09 18:21

WTB 15x7" Silver interceptors with center caps

NJKTD-VL 27-08-09 22:17

WTB 25 spline (standard drum) axles. PM or text me on 0401319444

DUZ18S 28-08-09 02:40

FOR SALE- 2X Bridgestone Potenza RE 050a tyres. They are 215/45/18. Both have good tread (well above indicators and no camber wear). Looking for offers over $50 or SWAPS for 17inch tyres or even a sub in a box....maybe other stuff. Will also buy 17s if anyone has any

0424 286 404

legal6 28-08-09 15:16

Wreaking VL Berlina Wagon

more details in this thread with more pics

SPRIGZY 28-08-09 20:53

Got A Few Things I Need Gone:

Got A Vn V6 Burnout Car I Need Gone.(not Defected,written Off Rego Can Be Done Easily)

Mech A1 Had Heaps Spent On Replacing Bitz (previous Owner)
Paint And Body Is Ruff
Has A Vlt Minispooled Diff In It
Ass Is Slammed Front Not Done Yet
Trim Stripped To Dash Top And Front Seats
All Elecs Work,has Pod Filter,alarm

Was Building It For A Mates New Pad But Due To His Work Atm Looks Like It Wont Be Resurfaced Until Early Next Year And Dont Have The Room To Hold On To Until Then.

Price: $600 As Is Can Be Regestered But Havnt As It Has Been Sitting Around.

Also Have A Brand New Set Of 4 Vy Sen Sig Copies In 19" They Are The Good Copies That U Cant Tell The Difference Not The Crap Copies That Have The Extra Fin On Each Spoke.

Price: $1,800 Or Swap For A Van That Can Fit A Quad That Is 6x5 In Size So A Lwb Maxi Etc.

Pm Me.

SPRIGZY 28-08-09 20:56

Need It Gone Seen A Few Other Rigs I Would Like.make Offers Pics Will Be Up By This Sun.

chinabone 29-08-09 11:22

vr driver seat
vt engine and trans suit rebuild-on ebay also
vt tailshaft
5 vp calais wheels 2 polished really well
3 chrome xhp sabres 18x8
ke55 guards

Nusk 29-08-09 13:20

I've got a near complete RB30 motor, was running when come out of car, unsure of kms on it, is a series 2 block.

also got a rb30et block and head, been sitting in the weather, still has pistons and **** in it, spun bearing. prolly ****ed completely.

$50 bucks for both, pickup in Murray Bridge.

DUZ18S 29-08-09 15:54

FOR SALE- Cleaning out shed. I have a heap of tyres for sale. 16's, 17's, 18's. Some almost new, others just above or on the tread indicators. Starting from 20 bucks each. Not looking to be greedy. Come check em out and make an offer.

pm or 0424 286 404

NORTI 29-08-09 16:24

For Sale

Set of 4 x 16' ROH SP's with Gold Lip, Black face, camber worn tread, no gutter rash. -- offers

HTC Diamond as new, in box, with all accessories, also will come with Motorola bluetooth stereo headset (purchased for $160) -- whole lot $350. Phone is unlocked.

Outside Ventian to fit VB-VC (not sure what else it will fit) -- 4 pack of Jack Daniels.


VS Calais Series 2 bezels + Fog lights, and full SS kit for VR/S

Also why cant I view the 16' Chaser thread? Im banned? :(

RB JET 29-08-09 17:19

:ninja: I have a few things for sale if u would like pics for any of these just pm me and i will pm them to u

-complete power steering setup with everything needed recon pump good condition rack new high pressure lines genuine from holden chrome resivoir speedflow fittings etc $200ono-SOLD

-1 haltech boost solenoid and 1 apexi boost solenoid $50 each
-letterbox front grill white in colour $20-SOLD
-2x 245/35/19 hankook ventus tyres 20% worn $100 pair
-dash cluster cover grey in colour bit faded but otherwise mint not broken anywhere $40

PM or 0417 899 445

NASTY1 29-08-09 19:38

vn-vs efi v8 heads with rocker covers complete.more of an eoi but looking for $220?

white bt1 29-08-09 20:34

i have a hi ace van for sale $1500 ono 88 model white
i have 2 brand new fake ve gts rims 20x 8.5 $550 ono
also a barina $550 ono has a blown head gasket 5 speed cd player only done 100 000

poohkies 29-08-09 20:48

WTD TV pm with price and location, need it close to elizabeth, or if delivery if possible

BLOWN R8 29-08-09 21:00

VL LE rubber boot lip spoiler, $200, 0409 283 454

gemicoupe 30-08-09 11:33


17 or 18" wheels for the daily, I'm considering the following (loosely in order).

Holden By Design J Series
WK Caprice
WH International Series II

NTMID 8 30-08-09 18:13

- Front lh chrome mould on bumper
- Both lh carpet moulds (the ones at the bottom of the doors in blue)

Let me know cheers

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