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Neddingto 11-09-16 19:20

Restoration advice
Hey guys, apologies if this is in the wrong section. I'm new to this forum to excuse me.

I'm just after some advice about a restoration project, I'm almost ready to go for my red P's and I'm looking to get a car for myself.

I was looking around on a local Buy, Swap & Sell site, and saw somebody advertising (what I think to be is, as it didn't have the calais badge on the back) a calais VL, auto transmission and non-turbo'd. (pictures are below)

When I originally saw the post, I was stunned as they wanted 1500 for the car itself, the motor is there, body is there, interior is in pretty neat condition. I thought it would have been too good to be true.

I went and had a look at the car today and it turns out it was too good to be true (to some extent. The body was alright, the engine itself is there. HOWEVER, there is significant parts missing. The entire powersteering unit has been removed and its currently running on manual steering, spark plugs are gone and one of the cables is snapped at the connector, theres significant amounts of rust over the axles and where the brake discs would be, the battery is gone and the front bumper is cracked.

This comes down to my original question, I'm estimating the cost of restoration for this car would be in excess of 3 thousand, would that be accurate? Would it be worth restoring? I'm really interested in this, however I am only 16 but I thought I should ask some people who know a lot about this kind of stuff. Check out the photos attatched.

Thanks a bunch guys :D

BigM22 12-09-16 20:12

Pics didnt work buddy, you can link them through photobucket

Judging from what you're saying, 3 grand might cover your mechanicals assuming theres no major problems with the car i.e blown headgasket, blown auto etc
Plus, VLs rust, and thats going to be a killer because its what you cant see that can make it expensive.
Is it stored outside?
Get some pics up man that'd be the best bet first

deanoVLCT 12-09-16 20:18

Buy a complete driveable one buddy

SIroller 14-09-16 17:51

theres a tag and vin decoder on this website. for starters check wiether its a calais. If it isn't its still ok sounding but ....

now rust on the axles themselves is fine no biggie its just thin paint there and a rusty disc is normal.

i'd count on removing front and rear windows and some minor rust repairs there.

again thats doable i've found a cheap and easy method im happy to share when it comes closer,

manual steer isn't an issue.
in fact in the early 00's it was desirable. manual racks are rare and a manual convcersion was believed to increase HP as it reduced drag on the engine.

i doubt it ever gained anyone more than 1 rwkw but hey the racks nowadays are 4 - 550 inc intermediate shaft so thats no problem.

the bumper is $100ish for all 6 pieces so thats fine also its 100% normal theyre terribly designed and can't withstand the tiniest of dings.

the engine not running is a bitch. at 1500 id guess he is negotiable.

heres what i'd do if the engine isn't running you have to assume that it is blown as is the diff and tranny. tell the seller that its a very fair point to make as long as you make it in a fair way.

if its a calais and you get it for 1200 id buy it. replace some leads etc see if it runs if it doesn't either sell it on being a calais you won't lose cash or alternately strip it.

by selling AFM engine head manual rack maybe a few other tiny things you can cover the 1200 outlay and you have a complete elecs setup and calais interior for free which can be used to either sell and fund anopther car or as it owes you nothing keep it and dress up the next car.

thats my 2 cents. good luck and i'm sure as long as you keep being polite and communicating clearly everyone here will be happy to help.

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by the way 3g is doable i've restoed 3 cars on the road for that budget now but in saying that i've also been blown out of the water before. it depends on your ability and if you set a budget and are able to buy and sell to increase the budget it works much better

Neddingto 19-09-16 23:16

Hey guys, thanks for your responses.

I ended up finding out it was an executive not a calais model. I ended up declining so i'll take down/ lock this thread. Cheers.

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