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SirGeo 18-04-09 11:47

*Going cruising?
Alright, like the spotted cruising is back..

If you wanna know who's cruising around, or want to organise a small get together, then post in here...

*A few small rules that i hope are easy enough to follow. If we can follow them we shouldn't have a repeat of shutting everything in Vic down.

1. No street racing talk. Thats a no brainier. The authorities do look at internet forums. They can track you down. CT (or any other forum) does not condone that stuff, so please no posting about it here.

2. No Drug talk. Again, your an idiot if you do try and sell drugs on here, it's illegal and CT will report it, especially if you are stupid enough to post your phone number

3. No bitching. Don't like what someone posted. Hit the report post button, don't bite back, it will just get you a ban.

Now, I also would like to say, the mods have the right to ban anyone for not following those rules above or the general site rules. If you get banned from the thread don't complain, or your ban will become site wide. Don't break the rules and you should be fine.

THC 18-04-09 11:59

any 1 cruising tonight

PROGMH 18-04-09 14:32


FRKVLT 18-04-09 15:34

who's in for a cruise tonite?

Weezy 18-04-09 15:45

Lol, was someone trying to palm off disco bickies in this thread xD?

paparazzi 18-04-09 16:14

ill probly be out before i go to church, last nite had afew cars out.

PROGMH 18-04-09 16:15

Weezy, someone got drunk or something and gave out their mobile number, name and offered stuff to people. Let's move on and keep it the cruising thread ;)

LUVMTL 18-04-09 16:30

LOL im going 2 the ****ign city 2 night so o nthe way back ill be on the highway with luvmtl

NATH88 18-04-09 18:29

wheres the disco wooohooo

THC 18-04-09 19:37

im in if i can get the details ect

NATH88 18-04-09 19:55

where when

trkwpn 18-04-09 22:43

anyone heading out ?

spewbt1 08-05-09 14:05

anyone goin to be out tnite? should be out in mine if rain holds off

PEAKN-6 08-05-09 15:12

ill be out and about, finally got the diff back in after easternats

dvsgmh 09-05-09 15:27

So Whos Heading Out Tonite? Ill Be Out

silver vh 09-05-09 15:44

Should be out and about somewhere, last night was skate city, but still didn't stop no ****. :p

LUVMTL 09-05-09 16:40

saw trkwpn's vlct out last night Lookn mint man and a bunch of bassass looking xr6 turbos on the highway and heaps of vy's slamed on 20's with white and redwalls

last night was mint on the highway

rsn-wpn 09-05-09 18:46

^^ this is the going cruising thread.... thats the spoted thread

spewbt1 09-05-09 19:07

scotty where u headed?

rsn-wpn 09-05-09 19:11

anyone heading outt tonite hwy? chapel? anything to do

spewbt1 09-05-09 19:18

may be out tnite

dvsgmh 09-05-09 19:30


Originally Posted by spewbt1
scotty where u headed?

pm sent mate


Originally Posted by rsn-wpn
anyone heading outt tonite hwy? chapel? anything to do

hwy and chaple!

freEze_dK 09-05-09 19:31

i havnt been chapel in years.. is the cop situation still fukt?

dvsgmh 09-05-09 19:48


Originally Posted by freEze_dK
i havnt been chapel in years.. is the cop situation still fukt?

havent seen any cops there for a while !

cengiz 22-05-09 16:49

whos out tonite lads ?

i wanna hit the highway

cold air.. clear nights.. stars up!

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