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TREVA 27-03-05 13:20

power steering rack remove guide
i was wondering if anyone can give me a guide to how i go about removing and installing a power steering rack

Benny01 27-03-05 13:34

well here goes.

remove wheels. remove split pins from tie rod end nuts then undo nuts. put nut back on bout half way as not to damage thread. then hit the steering knuckle until the tie rod falls down then undo nut and remover tie rod end. repeat on other side. undo fluid hoses at the rack (propably pay to let as much fluid as possible to drain out to save a bit of mess).

undo the universal joint at the top of the rack from the spline on the rack. undo bolts retaining the rack in and thats pretty much it. it will be pretty messy and a bit fiddly trying to get the hoses off but its not that hard a job.

try not to damage split pins if you dont have anymore because u will need them.

when its back together fill resevior to the brim and start motor keep filling up until the level stabilises than turn from lock to lock to bleed any air out of the system. try not to let the resevior to run dry when filling but its not really damaging if you do for a short time. hope that helps. if ive forgot something let me know

TREVA 27-03-05 16:30

thanks mate your a champ.
im going to give it a try next week so ill let you know if ya missed anything.

thanks again, Trevor.

Bax 27-03-05 18:31

Awesome, this helps me too, nearly got me convinced to give the manual to power steering swap a chop myself.

Benny01 27-03-05 20:31

the swap wouldnt really be that hard. its a bit fiddly trying to get the hard lines where they go but its not really involved

orange_vl 12-04-05 21:34

yer it ant that ahrd, ive done it but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make sure ya got a vl power steering uni joint set up, the ones that turn heaps and goes fro the rack to steering shaft, **** i had troubles with that, tryed about 5 different lots, finally got one to work, need anymore help id be more then happy to help

Benny01 12-04-05 21:45

he's just putting a new rack in in, not changing to power steer

TREVA 14-04-05 13:03

hey benny01, i did it and it worked out pretty well so cheers for the guide...
only problem is now the right wheel doesnt want to turn very easily, i mean its still drivable but just when i make a right turn its a bit hard and also the tyre sometimes makes a noise.

Benny01 14-04-05 18:32

if you put a different rack in it your gonna need a wheel alginamet. that could be your problem with the screech but its gotta be WAY out to squeal. how do u know its the right wheel thats hard to turn

Psi_Wagon 14-04-05 19:52

haah yeh, you would of f ucked up the tie rod ends, just get a wheel alignment for $30

TREVA 15-04-05 12:14

it only happens when im turning right and also i have the window down and its pretty easy to hear its that wheel aye.
i thought it might need a wheel alignment, cheers for the help guys.

LukeVL 15-04-05 13:03

Step one: Take out power steering rack
Step two: Throw it away
Step Three: Put a manual rack in.

Job Done. :D

Sorry but I hate VL power steering. Has anyone every tried to take their car through cones at a motorkhana or anything? Its bloody useless. You get through like two and the steering locks up with fluid.

Benny01 17-04-05 19:38

did u get new ties rod ends with the rack. if theyre second hand they make squeaks if theyre ****ed like a balljoint

calaist5 06-01-19 17:22

Followed this today - simple - thanks

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