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IDAREU 21-01-15 22:10

Power steering vn into vl
I'm hoping somebody on here has done this n can give me a straight forward answer. I want to put complete vn 5L power steering in a Vl. Will I have any dramas? Like rack to long or anything? I'm putting a vn 5L in the car with a vn v8 k frame. Thanks

ss nut 22-01-15 14:30

Will fit no probs!

Cheers Marty

RED1M8 22-01-15 17:38

yes, I have a VN cross member and rack in my VK, just had to use a VL intermediate steering shaft , which you have anyway..

IDAREU 22-01-15 21:27

Great cheers fella's. Now I'm hoping I can get 4-1s threw.

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