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dinch 23-09-13 19:43

Adds popping up on ct wtffff
Wats with these adds popping up on ct now it's doin my *** head in

INFLYT 23-09-13 20:02

You should be on a Ford forum then choyek LOL

VLWAGONIT 23-09-13 20:33

Install an ad blocker for your browser. You're welcome

HTURBO 23-09-13 21:11


Originally Posted by dinch (Post 3030011)
Wats with these adds popping up on ct now it's doin my *** head in

Become a gold member!!! No ads!!!

dinch 23-09-13 21:47

Lol ill do the good member
I should've been a little more specific I always use my phone and it full makes me wanna smash the phone

HTURBO 23-09-13 22:07

LOL. Last week when my old computer died I had to wait a day for Steve to send me a new password for the new computer. Anyway I decide to have a look at CT with no gold member login in. Christ my web browser ran really slow because of all the ads. Kind of feeling sorry for you because I know what's it like LOL.

grunter01 24-09-13 12:49

stop being a jew danny and just become a member

Bax 24-09-13 14:10

Do it!

Steve needs some lunch money.

SirGeo 24-09-13 21:46

i've got 5 kids to feed....

Nah, ads shouldn't pop up... i'll have the advertiser make sure they don't have pop-ups.. unless you use tapatalk or forumrunner... we don't control ads on that... Or as suggested, become a gold member ;)


BigM22 24-09-13 22:18

First time I've seen you reply in close to a year lol

SirGeo 24-09-13 22:31

Your just not looking close enough :p

BigM22 24-09-13 23:59

Hmm you may be right on that one

5spdvl 25-09-13 09:37


Originally Posted by SirGeo (Post 3030109)
i've got 5 kids to feed....

SirGeo 26-09-13 20:39

lol..... you make me wish I had three hands....

Yeti 26-09-13 20:45

He responds to threads in the Mod section...... Every few months ;)

SirGeo 26-09-13 20:46

P.S. Offending pop-up ads removed, thanks for bringing it to my attention, they are annoying and I wouldn't wish them on my enemies...


zvonko 07-11-13 20:00

A rift one keeps popping up.

SirGeo 11-11-13 20:45

can you get a screen snap of it for me.. i'll try track where it's coming from.

zvonko 11-11-13 21:28

Will do next time it pops up. This was even after I cleared my cookies.

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