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Steve 11-05-14 20:20

Who here (WA) actually still owns a VL?
As above? Just interested to know...

When was the last time you drove it?
When was the last time you worked on it?
If its been a while, why?

VLT87Kal 11-05-14 20:27

I still own my first vlt for about 6 years now, last drove it thursday, finished putting forged motor n 3540 setup and recent r33 box in about 1 months ago followed by a tune��������

Psi_Wagon 11-05-14 20:30

ive still got 4 :P constantly working on atleast 1

caibs 11-05-14 20:42

nope. shouldn't have sold it.

although now i have a beige falcon.


vlturbsss 11-05-14 21:45

I still own mine after 8 years, been driving it a bit recently. Actually drove it today down past hillarys.

Sad note though if all goes well selling it this week

josh08 11-05-14 22:03

Yeah still got one, drove it prob 3 months ago. Now has no motor in it, getting forgies etc.
Pretty keen to get it back out there

Curly 11-05-14 22:40

I still have mine, although it's starting to look pretty sad. I got backed into by a truck which left a few large gouges in my bonnet and can't contact the dude anymore. Paint has faded all over the bonnet/roof/boot. Passenger door lock has been screwdrivered at some point. Tints purpo. Too poor to afford to fix it haha.

Last drove it 30 minutes ago. Last worked on it an hour ago - bought some VY SS wheels. Needs a lot more work though...

Bit embarrassed to pull up next to Trent's car, it's so neat!

Felany 11-05-14 23:11

I still have one, haven't driven it in 4 years, last worked on it about 6 months ago. Pretty much just a shed ornament due to buying a house

EvilPet 12-05-14 00:23

Yup I got one in Perth. I live in London so see it a couple of times a year. You've probably been following my build and customisations over the years.

skotvlct 12-05-14 00:44

I just got one again. Few weeks ago. But can't drive it. Still can't get it running properly. Needs to go over pits. Work on it last few weekends a bit.

Psychotik 12-05-14 10:07

Yh, I own one ofc aha, it hasn't moved much.. New wheels were put on the other day tho :) but besides that yh. Haven't done much in regards to working on it, YR11 is a b*tch aha.

ink 12-05-14 10:21

Had VL's for 10 years, was sad to see them go, but never buying another VL again.

mr_12 12-05-14 10:30

still got mine although trying to sell, drove it to coventrys the other day which is a 2min drive to charge battery and I didn't have anything else at the time. I don't want to work on it anymore but changed the oil and put new exhaust mounts on last week.

calaist5 12-05-14 10:32


Originally Posted by EvilPet (Post 3047835)
Yup I got one in Perth. I live in London so see it a couple of times a year. You've probably been following my build and customisations over the years.

Ever thought of taking it over there?

Twice a year is too long IMO

REALIST 12-05-14 11:25

Still got the VK after 9 years! Starts fine and runs great, just hard to find the time to get it out these days.
Haven't been on a ct cruise in years.

josh08 12-05-14 13:15


Originally Posted by ink (Post 3047849)
Had VL's for 10 years, was sad to see them go, but never buying another VL again.

Haha that's what I said, 4 years later I just bought another. I swore black and blue I'd never have another one. Oh we'll haha

russo187 12-05-14 15:14

The last time I drove my VL was 2 weeks ago....It ran fine for about 20 mins then conked out...she fired straight up so I drove home and parked up in the shed...

brownie88 12-05-14 15:56

yeh got one!! just sits in the shed haven't worked on it months running like a rich piece of s%^t!! no time no $$ little knowledge but wicked car!! hopefully get happening soon!!

TheChad 12-05-14 17:41

Obviously still have mine. Runs fine, drove it a few times this year. Still goes like it used to but there's so much I want to do to it.
Basically just maintaining it with basic services etc until I finish studying and can keep adding to it. Have 80% of the new suspension, brake and wheel package in the garage, just lack the time and funds to finish it off.

2015 will see the handling package implemented and probably a light tidy up and late 2015 to early 2016 will see the move to E85. Probably rip out that god awful microtech and sanders backyard wiring job and go for the ever classy motec or haltech flex jobby.

I'm lucky enough that while I study I can keep it in my mums garage so it isn't deteriorating too much, only collecting dust.

VLWAGONIT 12-05-14 18:22

I still have mine although I have sold off most of the Nissan stuff for it.

Last dove it about this time last year before I pulled the RB25DET out of it and I last worked on it last weekend when I put a new set of rims on it that I have been looking at putting on it for a very long time and then finally found a set from an ex CT member for the right price.

Last weekend also saw me pull out the entire front suspention and then put it all back in for.......reasons.

Mine will be back on the road reasonably soon, have 80% of the gear I need for it, just have no time to work on it mostly and also have been trying to save for a new 4x4 and I brought a new road bike just before newyears that needs some money spent on it.

Good to see heaps of people posting on here again that havn't in a while

Oliver 12-05-14 21:33

Still got my Calais which I got 15 years ago also still got my Nitron which I have had for 7 years. Both are off the road haven't driven the Calais since October last year. Also got 2 Calais which I am slowly pulling apart for spares.

Xibit0r 12-05-14 22:26

got rid of another, dont have another on the cards for a while unless a clean rust free vlc thats not crack priced comes up and we all know the chances of that

Steve 12-05-14 23:44

Well, still have my Gunmetal Grey VLCT, haven't driven it for a couple of years, but have been doing a lot of work recently to get it running again. RB25DET is complete, on the engine stand, just need to bolt on a turbo and drop it into the bay. Few other minor things to do and I should be driving it again very soon!
Sold my White RB25DET Calais recently which I really miss, which has been the encouragement to get this one going!

HMILI8A 13-05-14 15:37

Well Steve, I still have the LE after 9 years. Probably drove it last time Aaron was back. Too hard to pick it up for a drive + working on the wagon now. Drove that last week

zaksvl 13-05-14 17:24

got mine, never driven it haha

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