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CturboSA 19-05-05 15:11

paint codes for paramanda silver
im building my genuine vl calais turbo in to a full walky mock bar the motor and i have the kit and the inside so im on the way to getting wat i want but having some trobles trying to find out the pait codes to give me local paint supplyer so that i can have him mix me some up
help any one pls

Morgz 19-05-05 16:51

panarama silver should be able to be chased down at any auto paints store..

Otherwise PM a bloke from here with a walky and ask for the paint code that way ;)


ExecTurbo 20-05-05 15:42

yeah, as morgo said, the colour is called panarama silver. perhaps thats why you had trouble finding 'paramanda silver'.

Good luck with it mate..

pjs83 20-05-05 18:59

I think it's 2B053

Mr Walky 20-05-05 21:42

I'll take a look under the bonnet tommorrow and let you know the correct paint code as there two names for this colour 1st being Azura Blue (Not sure if this is the correct spelling) and the one we all know as Panarama Silver.

Steve 21-05-05 03:46

you are all a bunch of retards its PANORAMA Silver

pjs83 21-05-05 21:42

I had a look today and the paint code is definately 2B053 and mr walky is right it's also known as azure silver, last time I got some paint for my walky panorama silver didn't even show up on the computer system so I just used the code to order it and when I picked it up it was labelled azure silver.

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