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-pumba- 17-04-09 23:08

How to clean arm rests
Hey everyone, im aware this doesn't really need a thread on how to do it but ive found a great product to use.
My arm rests were filthy like most on them these days, I didn't think to take a pic at the start but i did half way through and at the end. so what you need is some jiff (cleaner) and some sort of interior cleaner also a few chux cloths.

Ok first get some jiff on a cloth and rub it in to the dirty part of the handle you will need to use a little elbow grease. then all you need to do is after its all cleaned is use the interior cleaner to go over the whole thing other wise after a few days you may get some dry white powdery spots from the jiff. its pretty simple but works great,
Heres some pics i took
Thats half way through, you can see the dirty part and the clean

Then once i was finished

The pics really don't do it much justice, my arm rest were a lot worse in the parts that i had already cleaned before i took the pics. this also can be used on door trims. hope this helps some people out, cheers

Shaun_VL 18-04-09 01:10

I use jiff for that kind of stuff. Pretty self explanatory though. But yeah I do the same, jiff then water on a wet cloth to remove the white remains.

BZERKA 18-04-09 07:19

while your at it do you wanna clean my shower

86SLVLT 18-04-09 08:09

i use meguirs cloth and trim cleaner on everything with a small vacuum brush. works ****ing tuff

ISK8BY 19-04-09 00:17

fair good results, have to give it a crack

rsn-wpn 19-04-09 01:21

windex for the wogs ;)

SIroller 19-04-09 15:00

i use soapy water and an old toothbrush for the cleaning part.

once done you just use an armourall type product (silicon spray is fine aswell) to rejuvenate the plastics.

it should be noted that its better to do this with the armrest off and that there are 2 phillips heads screws underneath and for the calais / berlina style front armrests there is also an additional clip once these are taken off. just swivel the armrest until it pulls straight out.

the same method of cleaning can be used on any plastics in the car.

mrgasjet 05-06-10 11:35

best thing to use is suger soad. you know the stuff Mechanic’s use to get oil off there hands. Use that with a dry cloth and then wipe over with a wet cloth to get that sandy stuff off. Works the best with less effort.

fleas 15-08-10 20:07

I use tee tree oil with some soft cloths to clean them.

Works a treat.

VLPOLBT1 15-08-10 22:15

How to clean armrests
I use steelo wool and heavy duty Carpet Cleaner which i dilute, It doesnt hurt the arm rests makes them like new

trackbt1 16-08-10 09:02

nice work!
mine are filty too

Tomo 22-08-10 19:57

did my door trims with thinners, worked really well, they look new

LUXJET 23-08-10 14:33

just unscrew your arm rest and blast them with tyre and engine cleaner at the car wash.. as i do with my console pieces ect works a treat for alcohol stains ect

turbo3000 10-09-10 13:11

Does anyone know what works best for cleaning the cloth trim on the doors (calais interior).

Matt. 10-09-10 16:50

Turbo3000; try woolwash, my doortrims are beige and were filthy. Can get it at any supermarket, mix it up in a spray bottle with hot water as per the directions on the bottle should say, spray it on pretty generously and give it a really good scrub with a cloth. Comes up a treat mine look brand new.

gold-vlt 01-06-11 22:36

as the other guy said sugar soap works pretty good with the right ratio to water with the use of one of those small rectangle nail brushes thatyou can get from coles or woolies. then after that use a cloth with the soap then with water to rinse off. thinners does work ok but i wouldnt recommend it as it can soften what your cleaning and you can end up taking away the pattern in the part your cleaning. never use a scourer or scotch bright pad.

Psi_Wagon 02-06-11 07:56

paint thinners works great also ;)

VLforced 04-10-11 15:31

an awesome product is sneaker cleaner. from footlocker or any sports shoe shop

bdj_007 02-11-13 17:29

Degreaser works fantastic on all plastics and trim also.

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