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Xibit0r 03-07-09 22:21

Chasing my 1st VL
Plates were the original ones still when i sold it 7XX256

Was a 88 BT1

Was last sold to shaun77 on of whom i've messaged trying to find it

I want to buy it back, whether its unlicensed or not

Can be indentifyable by having a pushed in radiator support at the bottom underneath the bumper support, custom door trims blue/grey velour.

I sold it back in late 04/early 05 from memory. Its not Tunzbig's car.

dave_rb20 03-07-09 22:32

I owned this car from either late 2004 to very late 2005.
Fantastic car, sounded tough and went like stink.

Other identifiable features - silver sony CD player, VR badge on front bonnet, genie extractors, cracked dash and wobbly seats.
I sold it with a 600vac sec holley and edelbrock performer manifold still new in boxes so these could be on it.
Last I heard it went in for a tougher heads/cam package.
Also ran very very tight 3.45LSD.

Keen to see it go back to a good home.

Oliver 03-07-09 22:34

I remember you selling this when I 'rejoined' CT, goodluck!

Xibit0r 03-07-09 22:35


I will pay a spotters fee, up to $200.

Tunzbig 03-07-09 22:46

it could be mine in disguise :P gl with finding it il keep an eye out.

Xibit0r 03-07-09 22:47


Shaun says:
unlicensed now and he wont sell it sorry bud
So cut :(

If anyone knows this so called mate, send me his number

mdbvlct 06-07-09 13:19


Xibit0r 06-07-09 13:47

Sif laugh, i will throw coin at person to get it back.

Xibit0r 01-09-09 15:22

This car has been molested heaps and is unregistered now and owned by crackheads.

Poor car.

VLWAGONIT 01-09-09 16:49

thats prety ****.

i want my old wagon back but from what iv herd its owned my some p-plater ****head.

wait, it was wen i owned it 2 haha

Xibit0r 13-10-13 19:01

Just throwing this back up to the top again rather than starting another thread

Still on the hunt, will still pay spotters fee...

TheChad 13-10-13 22:37

is this your first ever car or your first ever VL?

Xibit0r 14-10-13 10:20

First car when i got my license. Had a few vl's and other cars previous.

SLSLEEPER 15-10-13 20:56

that plate no longer exists , good luck finding it.

Steve 16-10-13 11:51


Originally Posted by Xibit0r (Post 2273029)
This car has been molested heaps and is unregistered now and owned by crackheads.

Poor car.

But you still want it back?

Xibit0r 16-10-13 12:20

Yes unfortunately haha, it can be another long term project like the torana if it ever appears again and one of the pros of living down here is large block sizes for car storage :)

Damn crackheads ruining cars

SIroller 16-10-13 12:49

its still pretty identifiable. there wouldnt be too many bt1's in that colour combo. the hard thing is it may not pop up in the usual channels for sale if its been really let go. it may end up stripped or rusted out or stolen and burned or worse sold to a crusher.

Hopefully she pops up on ebay or gumtree or carsales though i'll keep an eye out! where was it physically located in 09 when you found it?

Xibit0r 16-10-13 13:27

Dave whom i sold it to, posted above and i still speak to, spotted it in a yard in Girrawheen area which is a bit of a ****ty area, it disappeared again after that

Unseen 17-10-13 12:09

probaly swapped for a crack pipe

caibs 19-10-13 00:49

dan a kid from tafe sent me some pics of a white auto bt1 turbo in collie. has been sitting for a while and is unreg. pretty big project but a good base, guy wants 2k for it. let me know if you'd like his number.

rusty577 19-10-13 08:42

This thread reminds me why Ive never sold my vlt. I dont think I ever will

Xibit0r 19-10-13 12:37

Yeah that is cam72 from here caibs, its been for sale on here previously

I would snap it up, but the torana needs to be finished first to keep the hand brake happy

caibs 19-10-13 17:08

one project at a time is never a bad idea to be honest.
speaking of, i bought a reasonably tidy but very dero xe 351c to replace the jzx81.


i'm excited.

Xibit0r 19-10-13 17:09

nice, clean xd/xe are hard to get these days now, so no more rice for you?

russo187 19-10-13 23:46


Originally Posted by rusty577 (Post 3032328)
This thread reminds me why Ive never sold my vlt. I dont think I ever will

same as me mate...I'll never part with my VL no matter what...she's been part of my family since 1988...

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