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vlv00m 07-09-03 22:39

My new website on Rb30e to R30et
Finally finished creating my new website

Converting the N/A to a VLT

Check the site out and tell me what you think

Still currently under construction, but pretty much finished

platinum 07-09-03 22:58

awesome - a *lot* of people will find that very useful :)

sigmund 07-09-03 23:44

Great site! Looks good already.
I'm looking forward to more in future.
Make this sticky moderators.

OMY30L 08-09-03 02:02

good stuff. Engine bay looks very neat. Very good bit of info.

Throw up some pics of the rest of the car aswell.

Sin - maybe throw a link to his site on

Ditch 08-09-03 02:13

vlvoom Good stuff.

And do you need a hand with a better webdesign?

Aero25 08-09-03 09:35

Excellent very useful and helpful goodwork.

RB30-POWER 08-09-03 09:38

Ok ive only quickly glanced at the page, but i can see a discrepency.

Its says this at the top of the page

Displacement: 3.0L (2962 cc)
Bore x stroke: 86 x 85 mm
Compression ration: 7.8:1
Power: 150kW @ 5200 RPM
Torque 296Nm @ 3600 RPM
and then this further down


From the factory it had 150kW of power @ 5600 RPM and 296Nm of torque @ 3200 RPM.
Other than that all good. :)

Ohh yeah the second statement is correct too, @5600rpm.


SirGeo 08-09-03 10:24

looks good, and as others have said it's looks very usefull and deserves a link from the main page, it might even stop some of the more annoying "how to convert" threads..

Kingyvl 08-09-03 10:28

good work dude....alot of people have been wanting something like this for ages..

Gatecrasher 08-09-03 12:35

Awesome. I know a few mates who will really find the information on your site very useful. Good work.

Moderators - I reckon you make this sticky as well!

platinum 08-09-03 12:39

yes - I agree a sticky is in order :)
I'll move this to the n/a section too...

Anarchy 08-09-03 16:01

Very nice....

This will come in mighty handy in about a months time :D:D:D TOP WORK!

vlv00m 08-09-03 16:59

Thanks for the feedback guys

I know how hard it was to find information on converting my car, so I thought why not create a website, with a central location on all the info needed..

RB30-POWER thanks for finding that fault I will update it with the correct information...

Hope all u ppl that are wanting to convert your car find this site handy...


Stocs101 14-09-03 02:32

Top notch mate

this is gonna be quite handy, cheers

Spike 24-09-03 03:03

Great site dude. Hope to see more :cool:

Cheers Mick ;)

twinvl 16-10-03 14:03

Great site!!! Well done!
Hey in your news and update page u read somewhere a n/a throttle body is bigger than a turbo 1. This is not true, the throttle bodies are identical.
It's not nessassary to u/g the t/b until u port the head and/or fit a bigger cam!

87_DeVL 17-10-03 17:30

thankx alot man, checking it out :D

Keeper 26-10-03 15:01

Mad Page dude, Excellent Info and great layout. Learnt a lot. Thinkin about doin the convo myself now. ;)

John001 05-11-03 21:05

just a question, how long did it take u to do the conversion ?

OldGold 22-11-03 08:05

That owns!

Sweet work man.

scary 24-12-03 11:29

Great site man - it's helped me out heaps!

Im really interested in the Turbo ECU Conversion but the link is down...

Do u have any ideas why its not working?


vlv00m 24-12-03 14:08

Yea, it seems that his website is down

I know his username was Darkhalf, he sometime posts some stuff on ozperformance, and skyline forums... maybe u can track him down that way

wagon01 04-01-04 17:58

WHen you did your conversion did you use the turbo oil pump??

If not how long as your engine been going with the n/a pump, as a freind of mine who didnt change the pump has now got a knock in the bottom end. Im just trying to figure out if its from not having the pump or just being a worn bottom end.

scary 04-01-04 19:54

From the large amount of information shown on his web site, he may have told us if he did use it, then again i could be wrong. But if the oil pump goes, the whole engine goes doesnt it? so perhaps the knock isnt caused from the na oil pump, then again im probably wrong.

My question is, I know the torque must be higher after the conversion, but is there 150kw as with the standard vlt? Tah

vLn0b0ost 29-01-04 11:39

is this it? its like jibberish to me - hate maths

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