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1963 XL Falcon Wagon, Mild Custom/Resto'.

After getting rid of my previous unfinished project (a 1962 Humber)
I was unsure of what I really wanted, I was leaning towards something in the
essence of a 1950 Ford Single Spinner, when this came up at a reasonable
price. And with the 'Spinner still far out of reach in the cash department I
figured I'd buy this, rat it out, rego' it and use it daily for the time being...

When I brought it home.

... One rainy Sunday afternoon, after the Falcon was already in its finishing
stages of paint, I sat in the garage looking over the car contemplating
my plan of metalflake gold over the almost completed satin black, feeling a
little less than motivated I threw on the Fuel Tank Annual dvd I hadn't
yet watched and came across the story of the build of El Dorado's car club
member Kyle DeKuijer's XL Falcon Squire wagon (viewable here
- The Squire ). Which is what inspired me decide the Falcon deserves better than
a sh*tty black paint job and a rush to rego' build...

The grille in this photo is off of an XK Falcon, although I do have a complete
XL front grille/headlight surround set-up to go on.

How it currently sits.

One my brother took of me whilst I was teaching him to use my camera.

Paint & body; The new plan for paint will be a high gloss off-white
for the entire body of the car, as for the exact colour I am currently
undecided. The roof will be VL Calais White Gold with mixed in metal flake
and there will also be scallops in the same colour stretching the length
of the sides although I'll be working with the factory body moulding,
(once I tape the car up, I'll use photos to explain moreso what I mean).

All the badges and trim will be shaved, rear spats will be also added,
the body itself with the exception of paint will mostly just be a resto job
with very mild custom details.

Interior; The dash and all the metal areas will be red which was an
original factory option, with front and rear bench in red and white vinyl.

Engine/ Driveline; The currently non-running 170ci will be replaced
with a 250ci out of an XW or XY backed by a 4 speed.

Wheels/ Tyres; The current 4 stud set-up may remain unless I find a
cheap 5 stud set-up. With the four stud set-up the 13's that are on the car
at the moment will be replaced with 14's, however if I go the five-stud option
I will be running 15" steelies. The rims will remain black with the factory
centre caps, and tyres will be wide-whites. 2.5 or 3" lowering blocks
will drop the rear nicely.

That's really all for now, I'll try to keep this thread up to date for those
interested, I know setting a time limit is never a good idea but I have high
intentions of finishing this as a car for myself and my son (who will be 3 y.o
by my finish date) to go cruising in and so I hope to have it done by
Christmas 2015.
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