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here are some photos of my (slow) progress but progress nonetheless...

This is how it's sitting at the moment.

The photo of the bay below was taken the day after I got it home.

I've since stripped the engine down to what you see below, it just needs to be unbolted from the trans' and the mounts and it's ready to come out.
I'll have to wait until I can get it around to my Dad's place as he has a winch attached to the garage beam which will make hoisting it out easy.

The 170 I'll most likely rebuild, and put it in something small down the track.

I had a spare rear door laying around, and so I cut a piece out of it to weld in and repair this section in the drivers door.

This is the lower rear corner of the drivers door, it's dinted and has weird cuts in it that were bogged up?
Doesn't look like it was caused by rust (although it has rusted and split along the bottom seam).
I'll have to cut and weld in a new piece for this too.

This is the inside of the inner tailgate skin (it's upside down). It's not too bad, somebody at some point has attempted
to weld it back together (badly).

And what's left of the window channel from inside the tailgate...

I marked out all the areas of floor that need replacing, luckily it's only the drivers side that's rusted.
I'll be getting new floor pans from 'Old Skool Falcon' shortly and just make sections out of sheetmetal
for what the floor pans won't cover.

And finally, yesterday I found this little surprise, not a hard fix but still a pain in the arse.
There's some small cracking on the right side too above the tailight area, so I'm going to take that back to metal
maybe tomorrow and see what's hiding under there, feels straight from the inside so hopefully it isn't as bad..

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