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Well Ive just about finished the adaption. rockpic Feels like it has taken forever but it should work. I cut and rewelded the starter location on the spacer plate between the adaptor and block. Machined the 202 flywheel to suit the rb30 crank. Welded the RB30 retainer plate to the holden 6 flexplate. Welded the lugs I machined up to the converter and also machined the converter locator.Tested the starter and it spun the motor over good . I stuffed up a little because the starter is abit close to the block and had to mod the starter and grind a lug on the block to clear it.

Also put a dial gauge on the back of the crank to check for bellhousing centricity. It was out by 0.015" so I had to pull the bellhousing off the gearbox in the car and redrill completely new bellhousing dowel points. This got it down to 0.004" which I hope is close enough. Going by most manual stuff I have found they say up to 0.005" is ok so well see.

Its been alot of stuffing around and I hope its worth it lol. The only other option was a torque power or dominator bellhousing which required a custom converter and v8 input shaft. The other option was a CRS adaptor which required a v8 converter and input shaft. Both of these options are over a grand, so I hope my setup works lol. Cheers

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